Fateful Turn

Who would have have thought Harry Styles would walk into her life as a miracle she's always been praying for? No one. Not even 17 year old Victoria herself. Her life has been changed in ways she could have never imaged, it was destiny. Fate. A fateful turn.

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8. The Feelings you give me

I woke up to Nialls voice, I instantly recognized that Irish accent. I sat up slowly rubbing my eyes to clear my view. I was on the couch, a soft blue blanket draped over my body. Still wearing the same clothes from last night, thankfully.


Last night Harry came home drunk, and he said, well, he thought I was some Emma. I can still clearly see the look in his eyes when he said her name. It was a look full of desire, need and..love.

Who was she?


I jumped up at the sound of my name being called, I looked up to see Niall. He was in denim jeans and a black shirt with a grey hoodie. He looked so adorable. I just wanted to snuggle into him and fall asleep.

"Hey Niall" I said in my morning voice, which was pretty scratchy. I cleared my throught and smiled at him. He looked worried, wrinkles forming on his forehead.

"Is something wrong?"

He came and sat the end of the sofa, by my feet. I sat up more attentively. He was fidgeted with his hands not looking at me when he spoke.

"Uhm last night, when Harry came home. You guys didnt, I mean, did you two?" he looked down in his hands, trying to find the right words to say what he wanted to.

"I mean did anything happen between you guys?"

He looked into my eyes. My insides melted and my heart skipped a beat, his gaze was enough for me to just die in his arms.

It took me a moment to interpret what he was talking about. I actually laughed when I finally understood what he was getting at. He gave me a puzzled look.

"Oh god Niall, no!"

A look of relief passed in his eyes and he let out a sigh as he gave a little laugh.

"Good, cause he has a history of,um, ha never-mind" he smiled grabbing my hand.

His touch sent tingles all over my body, I wanted to lean into him and stay there forever. He just smelled so good.

But I didn't understand what he meant by that.

"Niall, what do you mean?"

"Oh, what? Uh no its nothing" he stated, not answering my question.

"Niall I was just-" Harry said, as he walked into the room.

He literally just took my breath away. His brown curls were so perfect, shiny under the sunlight. His emerald eyes were looking right into my eyes. He was in skinny jeans and a grey shirt. I could see part of his chest from where I sat.

His chest alone was so sculpted and muscular looking, I cant imagine what his entire torso looked like. Oh dear. I shuddered at the thought of touching him, feeling his lean muscles under my fingers. I wanted so badly to hug him once again, I longed to be in his arms.

"What the hell Niall?!" he angrily said.

Niall slowly got up and walked over to him. He was a bit shorter than Harry, which was so cute. The testosterone level in this room was becoming unbearable.

"Whats your problem Harry?"

"Ever since she" Harry pointed at me. "came you've been hanging around her too much, Niall. She's not even worth your time!"

I know Harry didn't mean what he just said, those eyes of his deceived him. His green eyes told me a different story.

Why was Harry acting this way?

"Really? Cause I cant think of a reason why you would care!" Niall yelled. His face was pink from anger.

I quickly ran over to the boys, I put a hand on Niall's shoulder and looked up at Harry.

"Look Harry I dont know why-"

Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me toward his chest. He squeezed tightly, his fingers digging into my flesh.

"Stay out of this" he said through gritted teeth.

"Harry stop! Let her go, this isn't Emma!"

Harry let go of me, almost as if he were snapped out of a trance. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. I looked over at Niall who looked at Harry with soft eyes full of concern.

"Hey mate I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

Niall placed his hand on Harry's arm, who flinched away from his touch.

"Whatever Niall"

He looked at me, then walked off toward the front door which he slammed with such force that the flower vase on the kitchen table fell with a loud crash.

I jumped at the screeching sound of glass breaking. Niall walked over to me, his eyes were glassy and his nose was a bright pink color.

"Niall what-"

He came close to me and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear before he wiped a tear from under his eyes. He turned around and walked the same direction Harry did.

Whats going on?

I felt so alone and scared for some reason. My heart melted like candle wax burned from fire. I don't even know what just happened let alone trying to understand.

What did he mean im not Emma?

What might have happened?

These questions whirling through my brain was making my head hurt. Ill have to ask Niall later, seeing him in that vulnerable state made my heart clench.

I walked over into the kitchen amd assessed the damage. The vase was completely shattered. The beautiful roses and daisies scattered across the floor, the water was pooled around my feet.

I heard the front door open again.

Was is Harry or Niall?


It was Harry.

I was so confused, one moment he talks to me like he hates me and the next he's asking for me? This guy has some serious issues.

I bit my lip unsure if I should say anything. But if Harry was looking for me there must be a good reason for it.

"I'm in here!" I yelled. My feet were soaked in the water, but I stayed glued to my place. I was actually too nervous to move.

Harry walked into the kitchen, his eyes went to the broken vase and flowers then came to me. He looked down and sighed.

"Listen Victoria I'm really sorry. I just, I don't know. I never meant to-"

"Its alright Harry"

I looked into his green eyes, they were so warm and comforting. I walked toward him, but after my first step my foot slipped forward and I let out a shriek.

I just saw a blur of movement, and two strong arms caught me before I hit the floor. Harry's arms were under my armpits, and he was supporting my entire body weight. Which wasn't much, but still.

I looked up at him, he levels me up so my face is inches from his. His arms move down to my waist and my back. I could feel his body heat radiating from him. I was literally pressed against him.

He looked into my eyes, I felt as if he were peering into my soul. He slowly brought his hand to my cheek, and placed his hand on my neck. His thumb was stroking my cheek.

I closed my eyes at the feel of him. The only sound was our breathing,perfectly synced.

This moment was so beautiful I never wanted it to end. And in this instant I actually realized how much I was falling.

For him.


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