Fateful Turn

Who would have have thought Harry Styles would walk into her life as a miracle she's always been praying for? No one. Not even 17 year old Victoria herself. Her life has been changed in ways she could have never imaged, it was destiny. Fate. A fateful turn.

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3. Prince Charming

The feeling of dread overwhelmed me. The sound of raindrops against the windshield were like loud music to my ears. My head was throbbing and all I wanted to do was go home.

But Anna would murder me if I did, so that wasn't even an option.

It was a bit dark out, a gray blanket of clouds covered the sky. The thunder was low, but not quiet. This weather is definitely not helping my mood.

"Aw cmon Tori, lighten up, would you! You look like your about to attend a funeral. It'll be fine, I promise" she flashed me that 100 watt smile of hers. I squeezed her hand gently and gave her a faint smile.

Best not to worry her.

James turned around the corner and we finally arrived at the party. People with costumes flooded into the house, cheerful and happy. I looked down at my cat women costume and sighed.

Well. Here we go.

When James came to a stop, Anna quickly stepped out. I looked out my window towards her and my heart stopped at what I saw behind her.


Oh my god. No, no this can't be happening right now!

I gave Anna a panicked look, she didn't look happy. Walking over to the car, she opened it pulling me out. Her blue eyes glaring angrily at me.

"For shit-sake Tori" She rolled her eyes

"Anna" I swallowed deeply, fear latching on to my words. "Its Chance, he's here" I whispered.

She rolled her eyes, not even the slightest bit alarmed at the unfortunate turn of events.

"So? Just ignore him. I brought you here so you can have a good time, now please. Shall we? " She was right, he wasn't part of my life anymore. I need to relax.

"Yeah, alright. Lets go" I gave her a hug and walked with her inside. James not far behind, I looked over ar Chance. He smiled at me and winked.

I quickly looked away, not focused on the direction I was walking in I bumped into someone. Hard.

And the drink spilled all over him.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I was-" I stopped mid sentence, realizing who I just bumped into.

He looked up at me, those green eyes boring into mine. I quickly helped him up, his curls wet from the spill.

"I'm truly so sorry, It was my fault" I uttered not knowing what else to say. God, this is so embarrassing. I looked around for Anna, my eyes met hers. She winked at me. She has completly gone mad. She's insane I have no explanation.

He smiled, a perfect dimple forming on his cheek.

"Its alright, I was just leaving" he walked past me, his shoulders brushing mine. I felt horrible.

I looked down and saw a silver ring. It must be his. I grabbed it and ran outside in hopes of catching him before he left. I heard Anna shouting my name, but it was a blur in the sea of voices that filled the crowded room. When arrived outside, I came just in time to see him turn around the corner.

Why was he walking ?

Not paying attention to anything, I did what my instinct told me to do. Not at all caring of what I was doing, a complete stranger he was. But I needed to return his ring, it could be valuable to him.

I followed him.

I walked down the block, trees aligning the sidewalk in a perfect line. It was cold out and wet. Not to mention dark, very dark that is. I heard the thunder roll again just when I turned around the corner just as he did. But I didn't see him. At all. Instead I heard wet footsteps of someone.

And they were coming from... behind me?

I stopped dead cold in my tracks and as I did, so did my pursuer. My heart skipped a beat, the blood rushed up to my ears as that was all I heard. I stood there shaking. I was far down the block, even if I screamed for help no one would hear me.

"Vicky" I only know of one person to ever call me that name. As I slowly turned I really hoped that it wasn't him. I turn to look right up into those pair of bright blue eyes. I was afraid, so very of afraid of what he had in mind. He looked angry, like he did when he didn't like what I did or if I didn't give him a kiss when he wanted one. My eyes widened and I took a step back. Not knowing what else to do, I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry my body.

And Chance followed me.


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