Fateful Turn

Who would have have thought Harry Styles would walk into her life as a miracle she's always been praying for? No one. Not even 17 year old Victoria herself. Her life has been changed in ways she could have never imaged, it was destiny. Fate. A fateful turn.

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7. Another Someone

I woke up with a smile, I could still feel Harry's arm around me last night.

His body was warm and muscular, perfectly fit.

His curls were so soft against my temples, I just never wanted to let go.

But my smile faded as quickly as it came, now that I remember that he, without warning, just let go of me and walked away.

Without a word. I should have felt bad about it, but I knew he wanted to be alone.

But he needed that hug.

Maybe he's depressed about losing his ring, which I still need to give back.

I got out of bed and walked over to the jeans I threw on the floor from last night. I dug into the pocket and pulled the ring out.

It was cold and very thin, but beautiful as it was it gave me a weird feeling. The shiny silver was in perfect shape, despite everything it just been through with me.

It had a blue stone in the middle, that was as big as a dime. I noticed on the inside the initials EF with the quote

"Love means never having to say your sorry"

I recognized this quote, it was from the famous novel 'Love Story'.

Why does he have it ?

I shake my head and carefully put it in my pocket. I'll give it to him today when I see him. I take a quick shower and change into a black v-neck and Gemma's old skinny jeans. Which fit me perfectly. I need to go collect my own clothes soon.

I should really ask Harry if I can stay here a bit longer, I wasn't ready to go back and deal with Chance.

Or anyone.

I feel safe here, and his mum told me to stay here until I was ready to leave. Which I wasn't, not yet anyways.

I walk outside the bedroom and went to the kitchen which wasn't that hard to find in this huge house of his. Ginny was there preparing breakfast for me.

Nice women she is.

She smiled at me as I came in and went back to her cooking. I heard someone come in at the front door. My heart sped up and a smile played across my lips as I thought of Harry walking through. But it wasn't Harry that came in.

"Hey Victoria" Niall smiled, he had two cups of coffee from Starbucks.
I was glad to see him, he was really a nice guy. I think we'll be very good friends.

"Hey Niall" I grinned back at him, he walked over and handed me the coffee he brought for me.

"I thought you might have wanted some company" he said as he grabbed a chair and sat beside me. He was right, I was in dire need of some.

I didn't see Harry since I woke up, but then again I haven't been up for long.

"Yes, actually I did. Thanks for coming Niall"

He looked down at his coffee smiling that cute smile of his. Right then Harry walked into the kitchen, his curls were perfect as usual but he looked sleepy and unkept. His eyes traveled between Niall and I.

Niall got up and gave him one of those bro hugs.

"I'm going out, I have something important to do. I'll see you guys later" Harry's eyes looked at Niall and a look passed between them.

Like they knew something I didn't.

I felt so left out.

But what was there to blame I was still getting to know them.

The friendly strangers.

Harry walked away quietly, I ran behind him completely forgetting about Niall. A pang of guilt hit me hard, but I'll deal with that later.

I caught up to Harry as he was getting into his car, grabbing his arms to stop him from walking so I could peacefully talk to him before he left.

I just wanted to ask about his ring and how exactly I got into those clothes the other night. He jerked his arm from my grasp and looked down into my eyes.

I saw nothing but anger in those beautiful green eyes. And all I wanted to do was hide so I didn't have to see it.

"Don't touch me"

I stood there shocked at what my ears just heard. My ears were ringing as if a fire drill had went off.

Was this the same charming guy who saved me from my evil ex-boyfriend?

Right now, he wasn't that guy.

And it scared me.

"I was just-"

"Listen Victoria, I have somewhere to be. So if your done, I'm going to leave now. Bye" Harry turned around and got in his car without a second glance at me.

I stood there watching him leave, I have never felt this much hurt as I was feeling now. His words pierced my heart with glass shards. The anger in his eyes was because of me and I dont know why.

Why did his words hurt me so much?

I heard Niall come up behind me, I turned to look at him and without warning my lips formed a smile. It wasn't even a fake one, whenever I saw him I really couldn't help myself. He made me feel so bubbly and happy.

"You wanna watch a movie or somethin'?" he asked.

He stood there in a v-neck and a grey cardigan, looking cute as usual. His hands in the pocket of his denim jeans, he was looking into my eyes so intensely that it gave me butterflies in my stomach.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

I walked closer to him and linked my arm through his. We walked into the house, entering the living-room. Niall walked to the wooden shelf beside the TV and scanned for a good movie to watch.

He picked out a movie and looked over at me.

"How 'bout Paranormal Activity 3 ?" I nodded my head and grabbed the DVD from him.

Niall walked towards the kitchen to get some popcorn and drinks while I waited for him on the lush black leather couch.

Hopefully the movie will help me forget about the scene with Harry. I bit my lip at the thought of him, about how much I enjoyed that hug last night, and how much I wanted to feel his arms around me.

Whats wrong with me?

I cant understand myself right now, Ive only just met Harry. But every time I think about him or see him my heart jumps with joy, and I get this pleasant tingly feeling all over. I don't know why.

Niall walks in with a bowl full of popcorn and two soda cans. By the way he acts around here, it seems like he lives here instead of Harry.

He puts the food on the table infront of the couch and puts the movie in. I anxiously wait for him to come back and sit with me.

He comes over and sits down beside me with a loud thump. We both look at each other and started to laugh at the sound.

Niall inches a bit closer, so close I felt his body heat radiating in waves.

"You have a cute laugh. I really love your smile tho " I blushed looking down at my hands, his closeness was overwhelming my senses completely.

We finally stared the movie, as the movie rolled on I got a bit scared at some of the parts. I slid closer to Niall afraid something will pop out and come get me. In the movie the person opened the door and a black figure whizzed by, I jump unintentionally grabbing Nialls arm clenching it tightly.

He didn't remove it nor protested against it. Realizing what I was doing I slowly let go and turn to him.

"Sorry" I gave him a weak smile, cause I was seriously scared now. He put his arms around me pulling me close, and I let him. He smelled so good, like shampoo and popcorn.

I nuzzled my head into his neck while watching, I felt loads better now that he was holding me. I never wanted this moment to end. And truth be told. I really liked Niall. He was so different. He had a cuteness about him that I've never really seen in any other guy.


After the movie finished, we started to play video games which was pretty fun. It was about midnight when Niall decided to leave, and deeply inside I really didn't want him to.

"I'll see ya soon Victoria" he smiled as we walked toward the door leading outside. He had his hands in his pockets, almost as if he were unsure about something.

He came close and gave me a hug. His hug was warm and soft, so different from Harry's.

Who still isn't here yet. I hope he isn't still mad at me.

Where could he be?

"Bye Niall, thanks for coming by" I gave a kiss on his soft cheeks.

He blushed bright pink and opened the door letting the chilly air seep through. I smiled waving good bye then walked back to the living room.

I lie down on the couch thinking about Niall and the way he looks at me with those intense blue eyes. I smile at the thought of my name on his lips when he says it in his cute Irish accent. He makes me so feel so relaxed and giggly, I liked being around him.

I was me around him.

Just me.

I didn't have to try to impress anyone.

I hear pounding at the front door and Harry's groggy voice. I run over and open the door, revealing Harry.


Drunk as an Irishmen.

He toppled over, falling on to me, as he couldn't keep himself up and walk. I walk him to the couch despite his protests.

He falls back on the sofa, his green eyes half open. His hair was tousled, and his shirt was dirty.

I stand up to walk away, but he grabs my hand pulling me down to him. My hands rested on his chest, he looked up at me, smiling widely.

"I've missed you so much, why did you leave me all alone?" he whispered. My heart skipped a beat as he inched closer, placing his hand on my cheek. His fingers trailed down my face, tracing my lips.

"I love you so much, Emma"

I look at him and flinch, like I would if someone hit me. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep a smile spread across those perfect lips. I leaned back against the glass table by the couch, and I thought about what he just said.


He called me Emma.

I felt a bang of jealousy run through me and I cursed myself for feeling it.
It could be a friend, or a close friend. But he said he loved her.

Could she be the reason he was so upset last night?

If it was then I really only have one question.

Who is she?


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