The Murder at Mckinley Hall

A detective is sent on her first case to a mysterious manor called Mckinley Hall. The lord of the manor, Lord Mckinley, was brutally murdered in his office, suspiciously no one was home apart from the staff. But why would someone want to kill the lord at such a spooky time...


3. The Phone Call

As I left the room I got my mobile phone out and dialed an eleven digit number. The phone rang three times before the woman picked up.
"Hello?" A woman answered, she sounded like she had come from a decent background and had a Irish accent.
"Hello Maggie, it's Kim. Can I you for a favour please?" I asked a little sheepishly, feeling a bit stupid.
"Yes, of course! What can I help you with?"
"I need help with this case, its too much to do in so little time, would you be able to come to Mckinley Hall in West Virginia and help me interview all the suspects please?"
"Of course, i'll be there in about an hour and a half."
"Thank you Mags." I said putting the phone down.

I walked outside of the manor to find someone looking out of the trees in the woods. I ran as fast as i could to find the man but he was nowhere in sight! I looked for an hour in and out of trees, through patches of long grasses until i had circled back to where i first saw the man, i was just about to go look again when a black alfa romeo drove up the massive driveway and a woman got out. The woman was lanky with a short black bob. She looked smart and well-off dressed in a grey suit and black high heels, she looked more like an accountant than a detective to be honest. 
"Maggie! Thanks for coming, take a walk with me?" I said grabbing Maggie from the car and pulling her away from everyone.
"Kim! Quit pulling me! I'm not as quick as I used to be! What is it?! Kim! Stop!" Maggie shouted, pulling her arm out of my grip. Once we were out of earshot I spilled.
"After I had called you I went outside to look around when I saw a man in the forest. I looked for just over an hour but I couldn't find him, he had just disappeared. That's when you showed up, I was just about to look where I first saw him when your car pulled up to the house. I think he was the one who killed Lord Mckinley."
"Now Kim, You can't go accusing someone just because they are mysterious. What have I taught you?"
"You taught me to 'be certain of who I am accusing, just because they look suspicious or mysterious it doesn't insinuate they are the criminals'. Yes I know but I'm sure he doesn't work here, i have all the staff documents and everything! He does not work here!" 
"Are you sure? Give me the staff documents, what do we have in here?" Maggie said, looking through the wad of papers I gave her.
"Everything from names and addresses to passport and birth certificate details. Lord Mckinley was very picky about who he hired!"
"Lets go inside, we can draw up a picture of who this man you saw in the woods was and then go from there, do you know where we can go for some privacy?" Maggie asked circling back to the manor.
"Yeah, the drawing room should be empty, it's the first door on your left as you walk in the entrance. I'll meet you there, I need to find Lord Mckinley's niece for a little chat." 
"Okay, first door on your left right?"
"Yeah, i'll see you in a bit."


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