The Murder at Mckinley Hall

A detective is sent on her first case to a mysterious manor called Mckinley Hall. The lord of the manor, Lord Mckinley, was brutally murdered in his office, suspiciously no one was home apart from the staff. But why would someone want to kill the lord at such a spooky time...


1. Prologue

Detective Kimberly Greene is a hard working and pretty young woman; she never fails to to finish her paperwork and is always on the ball, lately she has been working with one of her associates but since she has finished her training she is qualified to work on her own, she even got her own office the other day! Kimberly was sitting late finishing off her last bit of paperwork when she received a fax informing her about her first case. The fax stated exactly this;

Lord Mckinley was murdered in the early hours of yesterday morning in his manor. His niece, Rose Mckinley, who lives with him found him dead in his office. I need you to investigate this case while I am on maternity leave. If you need help i'm just a phone call away. I trust you will solve this case.




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