Diva on a mission

Everyone wants rich parents, a big house and lots of pets, right? Mia Johnston has it all and much, much more.
Twelve year old Mia helps her super model mum and sort-of-twin brother to start a fashion career for themselves. For Mia, it's a bumpy journey, but it also proves to be a fun, exciting time.


5. the life of rich kids

Tom and Mia had posed for magazines when they were little, but it wasn’t until she turned nine that Mia realised she’d like to model like her Mum. Emeli was very enthusiastic about having a daughter following in her footsteps and immediately phoned her agent who hooked up Mia too.
    Mia loved modelling and in the space of three years had participated in over fifty shoots. She particularly liked group shots because the other girls tended to be friendly, but their mothers were often competitive and snooty. They seemed to be shouting “My daughters ten times prettier than you, darling!” and wore fake smiles. Mia didn’t need anyone to let her know she was better than the rest though, she knew she had her Mums genes, and she was very proud of her appearance.
    Some companies let her keep the clothes she modelled, which of course she loved too! It was a little added bonus that she couldn’t turn down, especially if they were expensive designer brands! She also liked benefiting from the money that she earned, just from doing something she loved. Mia could earn anything between £50 and £2000 for each photo shoot! She wasn’t allowed to spend a single penny of this though. If she or Tom wanted to spend money they had to use their monthly allowance which they earned by helping out with housework and looking after pets. Their money went into their accounts by direct debit every month on the 1st, when they turned twelve they were given credit cards each for access to their spending accouts, but their savings accounts were locked until they turned sixteen. They knew they ha tens of thousands in each of their savings accounts, they could afford to pay their own ways through college or University if they decided to go, which Emeli was thankful for. In their spending accounts however, their tended to rarely be more than a hundred pounds at one time, more so in Mia’s case. She didn’t know how to save money, and everything was aways spent sooner rather than later. 
    She often bought new clothes, but unlike most girls she had a tendancy to buy sports clothes, running shoes and new bags to carry her PE kit in. She used canvas shopper style bags for PE and had a drawer full of them, mostly Jack Wills, one Vans bag with thick straps and a cute stripy pink Abercrombie Kids tote that doubled as a satchel.
    She also loved buying new jeans. A full section of her wall lengh wardrobe was devoted to multi coloured denim. River Island always had the comfiest, most eccentric jeans.
    Tom also spent his money on clothes. He liked buying new trainers - always had to have the latest hi tops or vans. Mainly though, he spent his money on games. The attic had been converted into a home cinema, and the front row were not normal cinema seats, they were plush gaming chairs instead. Tom had his Wii, Xbox and Ps3 all hooked up to the cinema screen and game chairs, so often ha his friends over and they would sit in the cinema for hours playing games. He liked racing games, like Need For Speed.
    Djing was a cool obsession of Toms. The house had been designed as if the kids ha each their own quarters, so their bedroom had doors into a bathroom and another room which they could style however they pleased. Mia made hers the ‘designing den’ where she displayed her two mannequins and had a big workspace and cupboard for all her fashion designing and creativity. Tom used his just as an extension of his bedroom, he had a sofa bed and tv in there, as well as a bookcase. On his thirteenth birthday he was given his uncle (who wasn’t really his uncle)’s old Dj decks. Tom wasn’t sure about them at first but soon he became wound up in mixing, his spare room became his Dj room. Emeli called in a professional artist to spraypaint Tom’s name onto the main wall, making it look like graffiti. The sofa bed was moved into the old Play Room and the Tv was mounted onto the wall of one of the spare bedrooms. The bookcase was put in the corner of Toms bedroom. 
The new Dj Decks were moved in, as was Toms fifteen inch imac, an some stylish cd racks that seemed to climb the wall. Tom published a few of his mixes on Itunes and made a fair bit of money, Emeli had also blogged abot his new found obsession, which brought him a few buyers.


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