Diva on a mission

Everyone wants rich parents, a big house and lots of pets, right? Mia Johnston has it all and much, much more.
Twelve year old Mia helps her super model mum and sort-of-twin brother to start a fashion career for themselves. For Mia, it's a bumpy journey, but it also proves to be a fun, exciting time.


9. Bully's get the better

Eventually The Drawings. We're off paper and on fabric. Mia found it all too fabulous that her funny drawings of too tall and too thin girls wearing silly little pair of khaki shorts and oversized nonsense slogan tee's were going to be worn by real life proportioned girls of all ages.

tom, on the other hand, was having second thoughts. He really worried what other boys would think of him and his designs. He worried the bullying would resurface. In the past, he was merely teased because he was that little bit 'brighter' than the other boys his age, but the bullying was dramatically ended after Emeli made a short phone call to the school, and even though he didn't get completely accepted in society, and din't gain over night fame, he did feel an awful lot better about himself  and most of the children were kind to him. You see, when something is really getting you down (like Tom's bullying) and it just leaves you worried and anxious, you can feel very heavy, but, when everything is suddenly fixed and the problem is gone you fell your body lifting and it's just such a great, calm feeling.

I'm not saying Tom was always a complete outcast, he did of course have friends, and obviously Mia was accepting-and even slightly protective-of him, but a minor group of boys liked to be cruel, so cruel they would be. Other children didn't seem to acknowledge him at all, which didn't seem as bad, but it's nice to be acknowledged sometimes.

Tom expected the bullying to resurface, but in actual fact the others were amazed he was getting such a creative opportunity!


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