Diva on a mission

Everyone wants rich parents, a big house and lots of pets, right? Mia Johnston has it all and much, much more.
Twelve year old Mia helps her super model mum and sort-of-twin brother to start a fashion career for themselves. For Mia, it's a bumpy journey, but it also proves to be a fun, exciting time.


2. Babies an Births

Mia’s Tall, slim beautiful mother, thought that as a celebrity in the public eye, she should adopt a child. It was what most celebrities were doing, and she ad always agreed adoption was a good process - why create more children when there are ready made ones waiting to get used? If she adopted, she would not miss out on any money, because she would not have a baby bump, (it was always hard for pregnant models to find work).
Emily went ahead and applied to become an adoptive parent. Tons of paperwork was filled in and endless meetings with social work took place. Different people were constantly asking her the same boring questions, the process was long and repetitive, but after all, the meetings and paperwork were worth it, and after a long, gruelling period of time, she was deemed responsible enough to look after a child. Emily had applied for a baby in specific, she rathered one who’s parents were giving it away rather than the baby was being taken from the parents because of drugs or whatnot.     The social worker told her about an unborn baby who’s mother was incapable of looking after the child because she was living in a wheelchair and was generally housebound. The woman had spent almost a month in a mental hospital years before, after her parents accused her of being a little bonkers. They kicked her out and paid for her to stay in a motel, but one day like no other, the woman turned up at her parent’s home screaming and shouting at them for no apparent reason. However, she had since left the hospital, and was living in a seventeen story council flat with her ginger kitten. The woman had carers enter her house four times a day to give her prescribed drugs and make sure she was handling everything okay. She suffered from depression and anxiety. This woman couldn’t look after herself, let alone a child, she was very lucky she hadn’t been placed in a care home of some sorts, or even spent a longer period of time in the mental hospital.
    As soon as he was born, the babies new parents would look after him. These parents were possibly taking on huge responsibilities as there was a slight chance the baby would be born with an illness like his birth mothers.
Luckily the child was perfectly healthy and weighed over average. This child was Tom, the adopted son of glitzy catwalk model and cover girl, Emeli Johnston.
    Everything was going very well for Emeli, who had found her break in the modelling industry when a big clothing branch had used her as a model on their website. From here she was noticed by major magazines who fought over her to write a spread about. It had been her lifelong dream to feature in the winning magazine, and she was so proud of achieving what she wanted. It hadn’t been easy though. She had started modelling at 11, when she signed up to a local modelling agency without permission from her Father. Emeli soon got a call from the agency with news of her first shoot to advertise a girls doll in a catalogue. She had to sneak out of class at break time and use her own money to catch a train to the next town. The Ticketmaster had questioned her age, and under pressure she told him her Father was the man in front, who turned to shoot her a nasty glare. In the train bathroom she prepped herself, changing into smart trousers and a pretty top. She fixed her hair too. When the train pulled to her stop, she briskly walked from the station along the main street until she found the not well sign posted modelling agency, inside she told the receptionist she had a meeting and was told to wait in a small, brightly decorated waiting room. Emeli hadn’t anticipated how long she’d be waiting for, her school teachers and classmates were already bound to notice she was missing. Eventually a posh middle aged woman called her into her office. She questioned Emeli about why she’d come alone, but her excuse that her Dad was ill passed. Emeli was examined, and the woman watched her walk. They didn’t seem sure, and said she’d receive a call if they liked her. She was miserable, because she was sure they’d been put off. She made her way back to school, where she was immediately called to the head teachers office, for obvious reasons. She had only been gone an hour and a half, but police were out looking for her, as had her dad, who’d been called out a meeting, only to find his daughter had gone missing from school. 
    Emeli was in huge trouble, and had to tell everyone where she’d been, which wasn’t good as she was sure she’d been turned down by the agency. She was wrong, the very next day her Dad answered the phone, to acknowledge that with a little work his daughter would be model-ready. This was where her career began, this is what lead her to fame and fortune. That fortune being a secluded town house surrounded by acres of land and a fleet of expensive cars in the driveway.
    Her reputation was certainly building, and requests for her to become the face of big fashion companies piled. More importantly, Emeli was about to have a child, and this time we’re not talking about Tom. The news came after her second major meeting with social work. It proved to be a small dilemma, because she didn’t want to ruin her chances of adopting the other baby, and she didn’t want to back out. Emeli’s baby girl was to be born two weeks after she adopted. Her closest friends worried about her, they were convinced a single, heavily pregnant woman couldn’t look after another baby single handed, of course she was going to enlist the help of her dad though! Social media arguments and online polls were published, some people said she wouldn’t be allowed to adopt, others disagreed, Most people didn’t understand the problem. The press it seemed, were against her case, often publishing pictures of her looking exhausted. Emeli fought against them, in a short interview with MTV she back lashed, saying it would be just like having twins - little did she know how ironic this statement would turn out! The interview ended at that note.
    Emeli found work doing photo shoots for some of the top named woman’s magazines, some wrote nice article to match the nice, photo shopped pictures, and others completely slated her, either way she was paid. She was also approached by a well known nappy company, they wanted to use her in a television advert and she jumped on the opportunity. This was her first acting role ever, and she doubted her skills but turned out not bad. She was required to act out the part of a mad pregnant woman stocking up on nappies before the new baby arrived. Overall the advert was never publicised.
    Slowly, she started accepting less job offers, until eventually she was doing no work at all. It was easy for her to pass half the day sleeping and watching old movies. She was very careful about what she ate and drank, making sure the cupboards were always full and her diet didn’t lack anything important for her babies growth and development.
In the last two months she barely left her house, other than to meet with social work and to have her scans. She didn’t live like a recluse though, on sunny days she would sit in her garden reading, and took naps on her Jack Wills sun lounger.


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