Diva on a mission

Everyone wants rich parents, a big house and lots of pets, right? Mia Johnston has it all and much, much more.
Twelve year old Mia helps her super model mum and sort-of-twin brother to start a fashion career for themselves. For Mia, it's a bumpy journey, but it also proves to be a fun, exciting time.


3. Away in a manger

Soon, the due date came of the child she was adopting, he didn’t arrive. More long days and nights passed, waiting anxiously on that expected phone call, still nothing.
    Tom was eventually two weeks late. In the recovery room, after having her baby on the 23rd of July, Emeli was visited by a social worker, se brought a huge bouquet of flowers that were beautifully arranged and she also came as the bearer of good news. The flowers were pretty, they were a multicoloured array of roses. A nurse brought a purple stained glass vase of water.
Emeli and the social worker chatted for a while, with lots of comments made on how peaceful baby Mia was. The social worker was quick to jump to the point though,
“Your son has been born, he is being transferred to this hospital so you can be with both your children,” she informed an tired, unclean Emeli, who even after giving birth still looked perfect.
Emeli was very confused and startled at first, was this woman crazy? When it dawned on her what she really meant, she gave an amused laugh, of course, she was adopting a baby too.
“When? I mean when was he born?”  she questioned.
The social worker calmly replied, “He was born at the peak of morning, four-oh-something I’m sure. In the cities west hospital.” Emeli’s wide smile disappeared, replaced by more confusion. Although she was getting both a son and a daughter, they were born on the same day, and she wasn’t dumb enough to know they weren’t blood related, but they would be brother and sister with the same surname, so were they almost twins?
Thinking she should probably leave, the social worker was quick to add her last comment.
“His mother wished for him for him to be christened as Thomas. I strongly suggest you do…Christian him I mean,”
    It wasn’t the biggest ask, but Emeli had no intention of christening her kids, it wasn’t an example set by her parents, and she had no religious followings at all, but she went ahead and had both Tom and Mia christened, appointing Leah Armstrong-someone she’d known for twenty years and her closest friend-as godmother to her children.
The next day, Emeli woke up in a private room with a plastic crib at either side of her uncomfortable, stiff hospital bed. First she saw Mia, sleeping happily in a white baby grow and mittens. Her little red face was adorable, and it seemed she was having a good dream, as her thin lips formed a pleasant smile across her small red face.
    Thinking of this part in her Mums story made Mia shiver. She found it somehow hard to imagine her baby self, although her mum kept box after box full of photo albums in the cupboard under the basement stairs.
    On the other side of Emeli’s bed, baby Thomas gurgled contently to himself, waving his tiny hands in the air. He was wearing a short sleeved pale blue baby grow and the tiniest blue baseball jacket. Emeli lifted his small body and held him close, breathing him in. It was her first interactions with him. Emeli firsts thoughts were that he absolutely stank and definitely needed his nappy changed. This made Mia laugh, Tom had never smelt funny as far back as she could remember.


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