Diva on a mission

Everyone wants rich parents, a big house and lots of pets, right? Mia Johnston has it all and much, much more.
Twelve year old Mia helps her super model mum and sort-of-twin brother to start a fashion career for themselves. For Mia, it's a bumpy journey, but it also proves to be a fun, exciting time.


4. animals running wild

Mia was back home now, sitting at her desk working on her family tree project, the class had been given a week to complete it, and within hours she was almost finished drawing her grandparents, she wrote in red her grandmothers name and date of birth because she had died, all her living relations, she wrote in black. Mia and Tom had it pretty easy going compared to their classmates on this assignment. Mia, because she only had her mums side of the family to list, and she hadn’t a clue who her Dad was, so they were all left as black marker pen question marks, with fireworks flying around them. Tom would find this assessment easy because he was copying Mia’s in exchange for a weeks worth of free dog walking. 
    The children in their classes weren’t aware Tom was adopted, and unless they done some researching, he wasn’t going to make them aware. He glued a picture of Mia and Himself posing for the A&F catalogue under his ‘Mum’s’ name. 
‘Myself, Tom Johnston and my sister Mia Johnston’ he neatly wrote in italics. Toms writing was a lot neater than the majority of boys his age.
Tom was finished, he had just enough time to walk his puppy around the family estate. He loved the five bedroom modern mansion because it came with woodland, stables and acres of land. He walked Haggis, his brown Labrador, up to the stables and locked the puppy in a field to run about in. Next, he took a stroll up the hill to the stables, and topped up Bailey - his mums horse -’s water.
    Bailey was a lazy grey horse. Emeli had always had a love for horses, and when Leah told her about Bailey, an old retired race horse who had been brought to Leah’s riding centre, she was immediately interested. The stables in her new property weren’t in use and Bailey was soon to be without a home, so Emeli of course took him in.
He towered over Tom. He was one of Emeli’s three pets; she had two dogs; the first was Danni, a hyper blue wiemmeranger; Emeli’s second dog was named Hope, a gorgeous tan Whippet who loved sleep and play. She was the runt of the litter, and that’s why she’d been named hope, there wasn’t much hope pf her surviving, but she turned out to become one of the most stunning dogs around for miles. The only other pet in the house was Mia’s eighteen month old Chihouha, Ruby.
    Mia was given Ruby as a twelth birthday present from her modelling agency after being with them for three long, amazing years.


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