Diva on a mission

Everyone wants rich parents, a big house and lots of pets, right? Mia Johnston has it all and much, much more.
Twelve year old Mia helps her super model mum and sort-of-twin brother to start a fashion career for themselves. For Mia, it's a bumpy journey, but it also proves to be a fun, exciting time.


8. A work in progress

In the two week long run up until the opening of the store, everyone was busy, busy, busy! Jodie was trying to sort out all the boring legal agreements, Emeli was spending her days doing online shopping looking for furniture-she needed to find a company who would create her visioned front shop sign. What she imagined was 3D dark lettering with a neon pink surround.

Tom, was helping out by painting the shop walls a shimmery grey, he painted the border that met the ceiling highlighter link to match the outdoor sign, that was the theme colours they were going for.

In the back room, the university students had set up sewing stations and were all working extra hours to hurry through each line. It was tough with only ten girls trying to juggle coursework as well as this designing. Twelve clothing ranges consisting of fifteen garments each had to be duplicated by thirty a day. The students needed to wizz through a whopping 180 garments each in order to keep on time. Everything needed tight stitching in the right coloured thread and the material needed to be cut as straight and precise as possible.

Miss Wilson, the darling school teacher, allowed both Mia and Tom ‘design time’ whilst the other children pondered over Van Gogh paintings and pressed sunflowers.

Mia seemed to struggle when it came to keeping up with school work and designing. She had extra schooling too. through her MacBook at four every weekday, Mia received lessons on five subjects: Geography, science, French, English and maths. These were the subjects she excelled in, and extra work meant she was always learning more and more. These lessons weren’t long, they lasted twenty minutes each and her dinner was always served right as she finished. The lessons cost thirty pounds a month, straight out of Emeli’s pocket, but she willingly paid. Tom was not interested in extra subjects, once the end of day bell had rung, that was him, freed, he was still an outstanding pupil though.

    Mia worked out a routine to help her make time for everything, she wrote it on her whiteboard.

    3:15 get changed out of school uniform, have a snack.

    3:30 walk dog around gardens.

    4:00 extra lessons online.

    5:40 dinner with family.

    6:00 do homework, if none, revise.

    6:30 design, make sure everything is perfect!

    7:00 walk to boutique and leave designs by sewing machines.

    7:10 chores and housework.

She had a busy life! It took Mia a long few weeks to finish designing all three of her collections, it then took the production team a further week to put outfits all together as they were so busy with Tom and Emeli’s designs.


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