Trying To Live When Everythings Gone

I started to write this for English, but it turns out I didnt need it. Its quite short too.
This is about a young girl called Amelia, living in the Victorian era. Her life is hard and tiring but it is all worth while to see her brothers and sisters happy, and to know that she is helping keep her family alive. Amelia is given a chance for more money and agrees to go, leaving her family behind, only speaking through letters with her mother. Amelia recieves devastating news whilst hard at work and doesnt know how shes going to carry on. Can she keep working to save her family?


1. The Letter

As I slowly walked down the cold cobbled road, my feet aching from the wobbly bits of stone, I thought about how long we would be able to survive for, which one of us would be next to go. The rain was beating down my back as I thought about my darling little baby brother, Victor, who had passed away only a few weeks ago. He had become incredibly ill and it turned out he had diphtheria. There was nothing we could do. I had watched him grow worse and worse, until he took his last breath. 

My feet were red raw but the pain wasn’t much. I had had a lot worse. As I stumbled in through our creaky door, into our very little home, my youngest sister ran towards me.

“Amelia! Your home! And very wet.” she squealed.

“Hello my little flower, what were you doing today?” I giggled. 

“I was helping mummy clean the floor, it was very tiring!” she told me.

“I’m sure it was!” I said as my mother walked in.

My Mother flashed a smile at me and then started cleaning again. I walked over to help her, but she waved my help away.  

“You do enough hard work at the factory every day and I need you to entertain your siblings. There should be a rag in there to dry yourself of with.” She told me.

My Mother doesn’t get too close to us, as she fears that she will love us too much then we could die of illness. She never told me this but it’s obvious, as I know she could never cope with losing us, if she loved us so much.

I walked into the only other room in our house, where the rest of my siblings were playing.

“Amy, will you play with us?” Eloise asked me.

“Sure, what are we going to do?” I replied

“Story please!” my youngest brother, Joel, called.

“Oh, ok then!” I smiled as I started my story about fairies granting peoples wishes and evil witches casting their nasty spells.

I heard someone knock upon our old rusty door, but I dismissed it as I heard my mother go to answer the door.

I looked upon my little siblings, all so skinny with hardly any food to go around. My youngest sister was Flora; she was only 2 years old. Her hair was as dark as the night and her face was coated in little freckles. Sylvia had just turned 9, only 3 years younger than me, she looked just like me too; she had dark brown hair, full of gorgeous little curls. There were faint freckles on her face and crawling up her arms. Then, last of the girls, there was little Eloise, she was 5 years old and the only girl with fair hair out of us all, obviously taking after my father.

How I miss my father so, we didn’t get to spend that much time together as he was normally in the mines. His hair was blonde. It was very straight and as soft as feathers. My mother was the opposite as her hair was an extremely dark brown, curly and often quite frizzy. She normally had it tied up as she was too busy to tidy it.

I also have 2 brothers called Joel and Finley. Joel was 6 and Finley was 18. Joel had a mop of brown hair on his head and the cutest button nose. I hardly knew what Finley looked like anymore. The last time I had seen him was ages ago as he was a sailor, he travelled for months at a time, and when he eventually came back for a few days he had changed so much I couldn’t recognise him.

“Amelia. Could you come here please?” my mother called.

“Uh, ok, I’m coming Mother!” I said.

Everyone watched me as I left the room, thinking I had gotten myself into deep trouble. I walked in; my mother was sitting at the table with a letter in her hand.

“What is it Mother?” I asked.

“It’s the Walters, the family looking for a maid. They want you to be their new scullery maid.” She told me. “They said that you would be paid £8 a year and they would accommodate, feed and clothe you.”

I was shocked, just standing there in utter silence. I knew we needed the money, but the thought of being away from my family, was horrible.

“I’ll do it for you and our family mother,” I whispered “I will ask for my pay to be sent to you.”

“Thank you. You shall leave in 3 days.” she said, not looking me in the eyes.

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