Trying To Live When Everythings Gone

I started to write this for English, but it turns out I didnt need it. Its quite short too.
This is about a young girl called Amelia, living in the Victorian era. Her life is hard and tiring but it is all worth while to see her brothers and sisters happy, and to know that she is helping keep her family alive. Amelia is given a chance for more money and agrees to go, leaving her family behind, only speaking through letters with her mother. Amelia recieves devastating news whilst hard at work and doesnt know how shes going to carry on. Can she keep working to save her family?


5. Living after Death

After my talk with Mrs Walters my work improved and I ate more of my food. I began to get a bit more colour in my cheeks and a bit more weight on my body. Every once in a while I would see Mrs Walters nod at me in approval of my hard work, letting me know she is happy with my current behaviour.

I became happier at the Walters as the other staff talk to me more and are kinder to me, they are still slightly reserved towards me but I don’t mind as much. Sylvia has started to send me letters, even though the writing isn’t… shall I say, correct. She told me that Eloise has shaken of the worst of her illness, but everyone is still unsure whether she will make it through or not.

Soon I shall be going home for my 4 days holiday, I can’t wait to see everyone. To see how much they have grown. Well at least I hope they have grown, as my pay is going towards more food. My money is replacing most of the money my father used to bring in. Mother told me that Eloise has been holding on just to see me. Apparently she asks for me when she sleep. When I get home we are going to hold a ceremony at home to pay our respects to my father. He is already buried but I wanted to say goodbye, for the last time.

I have been here for exactly two months and I’m starting to get more used to living here. Even though I miss my family, I know they will always be there for me. And even if they…die, like father and little Victor, they will be happy, wherever they are. I will also always be there for them.




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