Trying To Live When Everythings Gone

I started to write this for English, but it turns out I didnt need it. Its quite short too.
This is about a young girl called Amelia, living in the Victorian era. Her life is hard and tiring but it is all worth while to see her brothers and sisters happy, and to know that she is helping keep her family alive. Amelia is given a chance for more money and agrees to go, leaving her family behind, only speaking through letters with her mother. Amelia recieves devastating news whilst hard at work and doesnt know how shes going to carry on. Can she keep working to save her family?


4. Leave?

This went on for weeks. I started to look like a ghost, as my skin began to become paler and I would always be half asleep, walking around like a zombie. My eyes were hollow and empty, showing no emotion to anyone. I didn’t know how I was still working, I just wanted to see my family, to curl up and sleep forever.

One day Mrs Walters came up to me, her lips forced into a smile, obviously trying to be friendly but her eyes flamed anger.

“Amelia.” She said solemnly.

“Yes, Mrs Wal…” I began but she cut me off.

“Your work has not been as efficient as it was when you once began here. You have not been communicating with the kitchen maids very much and you look as though you have died and come back to life!”

“Well that’s how I feel…” I murmured under my breath. “I will try harder, Madam.”

“I’m sorry but I get the feeling that you are not happy here, and I also need my work done, so if you want you shall be sent home and I will send off for a replacement.” She told me, harshly.

I hesitate, thinking of seeing my family again, living with them and not a bunch of strangers. But then the image of my family starving because of my selfishness, comes to mind. “No, Madam I would not like to be sent home and I shall try harder! My family needs the money.” I cried.

“Ok, but if I feel that I have to speak to you again about your behaviour, I shall not hesitate to send you home.” She said, and then walked away.


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