Trying To Live When Everythings Gone

I started to write this for English, but it turns out I didnt need it. Its quite short too.
This is about a young girl called Amelia, living in the Victorian era. Her life is hard and tiring but it is all worth while to see her brothers and sisters happy, and to know that she is helping keep her family alive. Amelia is given a chance for more money and agrees to go, leaving her family behind, only speaking through letters with her mother. Amelia recieves devastating news whilst hard at work and doesnt know how shes going to carry on. Can she keep working to save her family?


2. First Day

I had said goodbye to my family. It was so hard saying goodbye to tiny Flora. She started crying and I had to go before I started too. My father hugged me and my mother briefly squeezed me. I could still feel the feather like feeling of fathers hair on my fingers, and mothers hair tickling my face.

I was in a carriage driven by the most beautiful chestnut brown horse, I had ever seen. We were coming up to the mansion when the horse stopped and I was lead out of the carriage into a huge hall, bigger than our whole house. I was met by a big stern looking woman called Elizabeth Walters, the Mistress. She handed me my uniform, directed me to the attic (which would be my room) and told me to meet the kitchen staff in the kitchens “Go down a floor, turn to your right and go into the door in front of you.”

I went upstairs and got changed into my drab grey dress, with a white apron on top. I had to wear a white cap on top of my hair, which would be bundled into a bun everyday. The dress was stiff and scratched my skin.

When I had clambered down the stairs, I turned to the right and walked in through the brown, wooden door in front of me. I had walked into the biggest kitchen I had ever seen. It was filled with so much cooking equipment; I knew Flora would love to play with it all.

I met the kitchen maid and cook. They were both rather scary looking and I was sure they despised me already. I was told to get started on scrubbing the floor whilst Mrs Ally (the cook) and Ms Mabel (the kitchen maid) cooked dinner for the Walter family. I scrubbed and scrubbed until the floor was spotless, by then the Walters dinner was cooking and Mrs Ally and Ms Mabel were starting to eat their dinner.

“You, girlie. Make sure that dinner doesn’t burn! Keep an eye on it!” Mrs Ally told me sternly.

It felt like I had been watching that oven forever until they finally finished eating and started serving the Walters dinner. I gathered all the dishes and started washing. The pots took forever to scrub clean and by the time I was done they still didn’t look clean enough. My hands were red and wrinkled.

“Nice work.” Ms Mabel told me; even though her face was still angry looking (I am sure her it was stuck like that!). “Now you may eat then go upstairs to bed. Get ready for an early morning.”

I ate my dinner, trying to savour every bite as I was starving and so tired. When I was done I quickly tidied up and went upstairs to go to sleep. As soon as my head hit the itchy grey pillow, I was asleep.


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