The Money Man

There's this one guy that we always knew. We nicknamed him Money Man. He was asian. He was kind. Let me tell you about his story.


1. The Life

--Chelsea's POV--

jess and i were walking down the street. we wanted to meet her new neigbour. he was asian. and he was rich. as we walked up to his house, we stared in amazement. we were scared to knock on the door. what if he didn't know us. of course he didn't. jess picked the courage to knock his door.

*Knock Knock*

"Helloa?" an asian man's head stuck out the door. he had a funny accent. "Hallo." jess and i said. "Helloa. Come ina." the man said, as he ushered us in.

WOAH! the house was freaking amazing! We stared in amazement, again. "Plizz sit downa" the man said. he pointed at a big table. we sat down. and talked to him trying not to laugh at his funny accent.


--3 Years Later--

i can't believe it! they actually let me in. although it wasn't my dream job exactly, it was better than nothing. working in a kitchen. with proffesional chefs. what could be better? uh, being a model would be, DUH.

i could hear a distant man's voice outside in the application room. i knew that voice from somewere before. i just couldn't figure out who's voice it was. i focused on the accent. it was a japanese accent. why? why? why? why???? why was Mr Ling here? we called him money man from the riches he had. he had a big house and every pice of technology, you name it. why would he be in the application room? i knew something wasn't right. Mr Money Man didn't need to work. he was rich. he could just relax and enjoy life. what was he doing?


--Mr Ling's POV--

a letter came trough the post yesterday. it was about my bank account. it was about 16 pages long. i read every word, until the very last sentence. the word on the last sentence that stood out so much was the word, BANKRUPT. No! how could it be? everyone thought i was rich! i couldn't possibly just go out to find a small job. all those teenagers who had grown up knowing me as Money Man.

The newspaper had a headline. The Hilton hotel was looking for staff. it was a big hotel. i could work there. i'd get a lot of pay. then, i could relive my name, as the Money Man.

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