The Money Man

There's this one guy that we always knew. We nicknamed him Money Man. He was asian. He was kind. Let me tell you about his story.


2. Mr Ling's Job

--Mr Ling's POV--

the Hilton had 1 more space left. a waiter. i couldn't be a waiter! i needed to be in the kitchen staff. sadly, there were no more spaces. i decided i would take on the job as a waiter.

all day, i could only think about the bank problems and bills. the boss got mad a me a few times. they couldn't understand what i wrote down on the order pad.

--Chelsea's POV--

WTF??? what's that supposed to mean? Soup with Salary (extra paper)? what? "BOSS!!!" i called. "yes chelsea?" he said looking down at me. "what's soup with salary with extra paper mean?" i asked him. "Good question. this is getting quite stressful. all these orders that have these problems have all been written by the Japanese man, Suichi." all he can think about is money. all honey chicken has been labled money chicken. it's quite annoying really.

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