Losing Her Mind

A girl who lost her innocence, broken and defeated. She has lost herself because of others.


1. Losing her Mind


There is this    bewitching girl

She idolized the    world, analysing every swirl

emerald orbs    kindled with amusement

A scorching smile unknown, seemingly latent


It was a    hidden remnant, long ago - forgotten

for a baleful    evil, enveloped in golden satin

Slender arms laced through    that which could not be

embracing and gasping, as she    took the withering bitterness meekly


overwhelming, pillaged    her every sensation of innocence

caught in the dark starless abyss, composing her as a    whole hindrance

destructive and noxious, cracking the    world she had come to need

ebony etched throughout    and thoroughly, a massacre of golden rays that once were envied


heedless    soul cut from a looming figure, cream puffed out in a canvas of grime

broken thoughts bound through her mind    into an  infinite time

antipathy charged in flares, endless faces screamed '    Anathema!'

for an iniquitous being, whispered footfalls had fallen in a frozen saga


tap-tap-tap it played along    the walls, echoing lacuna thoughts immodestly

iced concrete embraced, capturing the screeching    folk of misery

a puppet on strings - trashing and bending    to the masters will

to    see a bewitching and heedless girl without a crown, falling into the kill . . . 

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