So young

Jenna was two when her parents scared her enough to run. Four when they took her back. Conner fell in love with her those years. Now that she has grown will she love Conner as much as he loves her


1. Two and Four

Conner's P.o.v

I walked into my house pleased to see that my maid cleaned. If she hadn't that would have been the end of her. Suddenly I heard a really loud pounding on my door. I opened it to see a little girl about two, standing there terrified. I invited her in because only supernatural people could see my house. She walked in slowly, then I saw them one foot wings, coming out of her small back. Her brown hair stood out among her pure, snow white wings. They were glowing so bright it scared me. Not very many things scared me, I was a vampire. Her curls bouncing as she came over and hugged me tight. I felt a shock go through me as she hugged me. She pulled away and whimpered she must have smelled the death. " Would you like some hot coco?" I asked her. She was very cold from the rain, she nodded her head. I asked Maria to bring her a cup of it and a glass of blood for me. My parents wouldn't be home for a while so she would be safe. I went to sit her down at the dinning room table when I heard knocking on my door.Through the glass I saw two pairs of black wings. " Maria! Don't answer that!" I shouted. The little girl whimpered when she saw the wings. Maria answered the door anyway. the people grabbed her by the neck and threw her across the room. I picked up the little one and ran. An hour later we were in Canada.. I woke up and she was sleeping peacefully. My arm was around her, she was four now. Her name was Jenna. She didn't have her curls anymore. I managed to cut her hair. I tried not to cut it short but I messed up and had to. Some curls survived though. She had her head on my chest, as I fell back asleep.

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