Katherine Morris, the enthralled daughter of the Duke of Cornwall, was always enchanted with the stories her nursemaid told her. Magical romances between a girl and a boy and an evil Pirate trying to destroy their love of each other, but their love could not be shattered.

She wanted her to be the girl. She was to be wed to another, a dream come true, the purpose she was born into. The day before she would leave, something happened to her that would change everything and she suddenly wished to have accepted her father’s wish of marriage.

Pirates, magic and the protagonist is not as honest as she may seem.


1. Prologue


Inked rubies flamed through a rifting abyss, wandered.  A tenebrous witching hour, he though charmingly, his breathe ghostly before him as it enveloped him. Powerful beasts roared, smashing and crashing against his beloved, it never rained and yet in the silence, not once had it calmed.

He tossed; it was forceful and precarious but not enough: he was the exception. The frozen darkness embraced him, like every other night and he welcomed it with an enthralling smile. He chuckled fondly as if freshly brewed grog was before him: it was rotten and crumbled and the smell of burnt flesh surrounded it, torn though the harsh years but nonetheless it was with him.

“Such a beauty.”

A smirk broke out onto his beatific face, ebony waves curtained rubies from a venomous sight. His cold eyes stared forward, his smirk never failing as he turned on his heel as the dark timber moaned despairingly against the screeching ‘hallo’ of a scarlet Macaw, captions sweetheart.

Antagonistic murmurs eerily sung, ominous tongues screeched the call of the deep: lusting at people of the earth. Ivory silk tussled against the rigid oak, tightly braided into intolerable knots as dark hair cloaked a fragile figure. A demonic smirk mimicked his men as they flocked around the ivory darkness.

“Leave her be.”

She froze; her scarlet hair framed her as she glared upwards as a scowl played furiously on her lips. The echoes of dejected voices roared, laughing at the vulgar thoughts of their captain. Captain Murray was known as a notorious and heinous pirate, bloodthirsty and menacing. She swallowed softly; she had heard the eerie and ghastly stories as a child but not once had she thought he’d be so young.

“Why am I here?” She spat out like a snake in dangerous territory, fear coursed around her. The atmosphere felt thick. She knew the answer; heinous in nature she was certain.

Murky leather caressed her cheek ghostly as she trashed forward nervously. She would not admit it, as a noble she valued her pride tremendously and as her father taught her: fear is only in the mind, for it is a single thought. If she doesn’t think about it and it won’t exist. 

It was all an illusion. A trick in her mind, she’d be well. It could just be a simple nightmare, but it all felt so real and his breath whispering on her cheeks made her rethink her father’s words. His dark, blood-pooled eyes made her tremble, but in which way? She knew not.

“I need you; you’re the secret to my power.” He grinned as his lips tickled her ear. She was a wild one, he mused, first one to fight against him in anyway and such a turn on, she would be pleasing.

“How can you speak such proper English, you filthy scoundrel and get your repulsive hands off of me!” She spat.

He chuckled fondly as she trashed against his body. He might be a pirate, the most notorious one around, but he wasn’t brought up as one. He smiled darkly; two sharp fangs pierced his lip before he ran his tongue around her neck sensationally.

She gulped; his feathered hat blocked her eyesight in a complete abyss of darkness. How dare he do this to her? She was a noble, someone with power! Knots trembled and twisted as she tugged; it was menacing and chilling to the bone, more ever than the iciness of the black sea. She felt sick and degraded.

He still had not answered her and she was growing distressed by the time as he licked and nibbled. She trashed viciously against him and screamed for him to stop, but it went on in the endless starless night, ignored.

“Stop it at once!” She ordered him, but her words only echoed alongside the sounds of Captain Murray’s scarlet Macaw screeching on his shoulder and the noisy clutter of his crew. She choked on a sob, it was helpless. She was certain to be dead.

He pulled back and grinned at her frightened face. She was most bewitching when darkness closed in on her fear, he grinned fondly once again as he pulled a leathered hand towards his thin lips. His tongue poked out and travelled around his bottom lip before tracing one sharp fang. Ruby orbs played with her as she slumped, her eyes fluttered softly towards sleep.

“What have you done to me?” She demanded in a mumble, her body numbing slowly.

He smirked wickedly, tracing his fangs. “Katherine Morris, such a pleasure if you live.”  

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