So They Dance

So they dance,
In and out of the crowd like a glance,
This romance is,
From afar calling me silently...
( --------

Inspired by Josh Groban's song "So she Dances" (link to lyrics shown above) this teenage romance is about Sydney Moor and how she meets and falls in love with the one and only Cameron Bradish.

Will they have the perfect love story?
why does Sydney cry herself to sleep?
and where was Cameron when they were meant to be on a date?


7. The melody's making her cry

In the end, I wore a lovely purple dress, and cutled my hair to the side.

I was ready to leave at 2:45 oclock. I listened to Lilly of the lake as I waited. ( ) 3 oclock came and went. Cameron never came. I cried for him. The song reminded me of the lilly he gave me just last night. I cried for that night, that it would never be true again. I waited for him until it was time for tea, and my mum found me in the waiting hall, in tears. she took me into her arms and spoke words of comfort to me... but that didnt fix things... Cameron said he loved me. I love Cameron... but today he broke me. Just as i thought everything was perfect, just as i was thinking how amazing my first love was... he just... Cameron just tore my heart into millions of shattered pieces that day. I couldn't eat. I stayed in my room and cried myself to sleep, only to be awakened the next morning remembering Cameron and the love that i thought would last forever. 

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