So They Dance

So they dance,
In and out of the crowd like a glance,
This romance is,
From afar calling me silently...
( --------

Inspired by Josh Groban's song "So she Dances" (link to lyrics shown above) this teenage romance is about Sydney Moor and how she meets and falls in love with the one and only Cameron Bradish.

Will they have the perfect love story?
why does Sydney cry herself to sleep?
and where was Cameron when they were meant to be on a date?


3. She turns to the window to sway in the moonlight

As i got ready to go to the dance, i put my music on (Josh Groban- So She Dances) and looked out of the window. The moon was full and bright, the stars were out dancing around in the sky. 
"The Night is for dancing, The day is for kissing. The stars are for dancing, the moon is for romance" I dont know why, but that quote came into my mind. i cant remember where it came from, probably a song... but it was perfect for me, for tonight. for the october dance.

"Sydney! Your date is heeere!!!" Mum just had to shout, didnt she?!
I walked slowly and carefully (not wanting to rip my dress with my heels) down the spiral staircase, and when i reached the ground floor, i was faced with the most gorgeous boy i had seen in my whole entire life. i stood there, speechless for a few seconds as Cameron Bradish smiled at me, and took my hand to kiss it. 
"Sydney Moor...You look amazing." whispered Cameron. My heart skipped a beat, and then Cameron lead me to his black limo. He opened the door for me, and on the 5 minute ride to the ball, Cameron spoke beautiful words to me, speaking of how lucky he was to be my partner for the night. 

The first song when we entered the ballroom, was My Hero, by Paramore --listen to the song while you read Cameron took me by the hand and we danced the night away.

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