So They Dance

So they dance,
In and out of the crowd like a glance,
This romance is,
From afar calling me silently...
( --------

Inspired by Josh Groban's song "So she Dances" (link to lyrics shown above) this teenage romance is about Sydney Moor and how she meets and falls in love with the one and only Cameron Bradish.

Will they have the perfect love story?
why does Sydney cry herself to sleep?
and where was Cameron when they were meant to be on a date?


11. how will I know where to start?

a few days later, i went out with the girls for a girls night out bowling. we had a great time, i had fun. For a few hours, my life was back to normal... without Cameron in sight or mind. 
i do not deny that i still love him, but i do not speak of it either. if the subject cam up, i would change it to something else.

on my way to the limo, I saw Cameron. He seemed so sad... i knew why. How could i have been so evil that i ever wanted him to be unhappy? I ran to him, he looked up, his eyes glimmering with hope. i hugged him with need. i need him to be happy... we are like a puzzle of two parts, together we are full, apart we are not the same. I realized this now. 
We stood there in each others embrace for what seemed like minutes. i needed that time. 
"Cameron? I'm sorry... will you have me back?" 
"Sydney, you know that i love you, i will always have you. nothing can keep us apart, darling" I cried at his words... why was he taking me back after all that i had put him though? How could he still love me? "Hush, hush. oh Sydney please dont cry? Darling please stop crying. Hush, im here Syd." finally i tried to stop crying, and though tears still streamed down my cheeks, i was at last able to speak
"Why? C-Cameron... h-how ca-an yoou say yo-ou love me? after all i h-have done?"
"oh darling, you have done nothing. i am the one who never came for you that day... i am so sorry Sydney, i need your forgiveness. I cant live without you, not happily. I... I need for your love" I started crying again, and Cameron soothed me. "oh love, please... it hurts me to see you cry. what can i do to make it up to you?"
"Sydney dear i dont understand? what do you mean for tomorrow?"
"Take me... tomorrow?"
"oh darling, of course... i will take you tomorrow at 3pm to our date. Sydney, i must leave now, but do not worry love, i will see you tomorrow."
"I love you."
"I love you too" 

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