So They Dance

So they dance,
In and out of the crowd like a glance,
This romance is,
From afar calling me silently...
( --------

Inspired by Josh Groban's song "So she Dances" (link to lyrics shown above) this teenage romance is about Sydney Moor and how she meets and falls in love with the one and only Cameron Bradish.

Will they have the perfect love story?
why does Sydney cry herself to sleep?
and where was Cameron when they were meant to be on a date?


13. Her rhythm is my beating heart

I feel so lucky to be with Cameron. I couldn't imagine what it would be like without him. he is just so... perfect. 

"Hey Sydney" theres Amy. I see her round my house so much more nowdays since im with Cameron, not that we didnt hang around before. 
"Hey Amy, how are you"
"im good really, its just that-"
Cameron walked in, looking fine as ever. We hadnt seen eachother for 3 days since he was away for the long weekend, so i couldnt help but run into his arms. He picked me up as if i weighed nothing, and kissed me with all the love in the world. Then, the moment ended as Cameron put me back down on the floor
"Hello my beautiful" my beautiful... he calls me that all the time now. i am officially his beautiful
"hey." i breathed. then I tugged at Cameron's collar so that he would lean down enough for us to kiss again. 

Amy was obviously feeling quite awkward sitting there while me and Cameron were kissing, but instead of being the polite and quite chick she usually was, she stood up and said
"Ok, sorry guys but this isn't really my scene. I'm going to go over to Sara's house. Cam, pick me up when your finished."
Amy totally embarrassed me by saying that. None of the other girls were like this- they all understood how me and Cameron were... how we needed to be. Amy just didnt respect us anymore, for whatever reason. maybe she was jealous that i was hogging her brother, or the other way around. But that is just not on! we used to be able to talk about anything, and now here she was playing games trying to embarrass me? So not the Amy I knew.

I looked after Amy as she walked out the house, not knowing what i should do.
"It ok, Hun. Just wait till her and Lewis Don get together officially"
"What do you mean her and Lewis Don?! She never told me anything about Lewis!"
"Think about it... how much have you two really like.. talked together? you know, girl to girl and all that like you used to?"
"I see her every day! She is my friend, Cam. I'm sure she'd tell me if she was into Lewis Don." 
"Doll, you might see her every day, but I'm always there, aren't I?"
"yes but-"
"And when I'm with you i have you all to myself, dont I?"
"well i guess so..."
"So, how much have you two actually talked together in the past say... month?"
"hmm... i guess you are right but the thing is-"
"I know. Trust me i know, but i think she might just be feeling a bit left out right now."
"Yeah, you're right... I guess thats how i must have been when she was going out with that Ben guy."
"Ok then lovely?" Cameron kissed me gently "I'm just going to go now, ok?" I pouted, not wanting Cameron to leave "Hey you, young lady, are going to be the death of me some day. Do you want me to get Sara and Amy to come over here?"
"Okay then, go ahead. Seems like we have alot of catching up to do" He nodded and started to get up "One more thing?" I asked 
"I love you" I whispered in Cameron's ear
"I love you too, my beautiful"

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