So They Dance

So they dance,
In and out of the crowd like a glance,
This romance is,
From afar calling me silently...
( --------

Inspired by Josh Groban's song "So she Dances" (link to lyrics shown above) this teenage romance is about Sydney Moor and how she meets and falls in love with the one and only Cameron Bradish.

Will they have the perfect love story?
why does Sydney cry herself to sleep?
and where was Cameron when they were meant to be on a date?


4. A waltz for the girl out of reach

We danced the night away. multiple boys asked me for a dance, but i just couldnt get myself to stop dancing with Cameron, He was my dream.

"You seem to be quite popular with the boys here, Sydney. Are you sure you dont want to dance with someone actually hansom?" he said
"Never. I only want to dance with you." i answered.
"Always." we both whispered. 
This was the life for me, i never wanted the night to end. even though i knew that at some point Cameron and I would have to go back to real life, I just wanted to dream on for the rest of the night. Secretly, i hoped that Cameron would ask me out, but i didnt really want to put my hopes up...  the last time i did that my heart was broken.
Most boys only like me for my riches, or for my looks. I just prayed that Cameron wasn't most boys. I reckon he is a keeper. 

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