A Step Away From Falling

(A Zayn Malik Love story)

''I love You... you Don't know how much i'm gonna miss you '' he whispered in my ear.
i felt tears form in my eye.

'' don't forget me.'' i said.
'' is there a chance of that?'' he asked, pulling apart.

''Zayn,..'' i started crying.
he pulled me and kissed me.
'' your going to england..'' i said, pushing him away.
''that won't change a thing..i promise..'' he said, smiling.


1. Chapter 1

'' what exactly are you doing?'' 

i looked up.
i was half covered in paints.

my best friend, Trisha, stood there, her hands on her hips.

''yeah?'' i nodded.
''Deb, you can't just forget him by painting his pictures.'' she said.

she came beside me.
she was staring at my painting.

''that... '' she didn't finish the sentence.
i ignored her, and went back to painting his suit.

she snatched the brush from my hand.
''TRISH!!'' i screamed.

'' you are losing yourself. he is gone. he hasn't contacted you in over a 2 years now. !!'' she screamed.

i felt my cheeks get hot.

i didn't believe it when anybody says, he had forgotten me.
it wasn't possible.
he can't forget me.
he had promised.

'' he hasn't. he's just. just busy being busy'' i said, and took the brush from her.

i picked up my canvas, and kept it aside to dry.

i took my t Shirt off, and changed into another one.

Yeah, i know Trisha was still there.
but she's my best friend.
she stood beside me the whole time, when i expected Zayn to call me.

he didn't.
but she was there, and she supported me.
many people, bullied her, teased her, and nudged me saying that she was with me, just because i knew Zayn Malik.

i don't believe that.

Trisha has been with me, before i even told her i know him.

'' Deb. please!'' she said.
'' i know Trisha. i know. but please. i mean... he's like a big star now. he just probably doesn't get the time or something. and i refuse to believe that any other girl has been his life except me. he swore. he can't do that. he has a heart. a heart, probably me being the only one who's ever seen the real side of it.'' 

she stood there.

she silently walked away from the room.

whatever i had said, was true.

i knew every inch of Zayn's life.

Mr Yaser was Dad's good friend, and Ms Patricia was most of the time with my mom.

i know, they did go apart, in between, cause of my parents splitting, but still, me and Zayn had always stuck together during this time.

i picked up my Phone, and Followed her.

i saw her, exiting the house from the back yard.

it was pretty Hot outside.
i saw her, jump over the Fence and jog to the street.

and even though, she more of an Athlete than me, i ran after her.
''trish... trish...'' i panted.
''what?'' she said
''i'm sorry okay. it's just i don't like it when anybody says anything about Zayn'' i said.
''Deb. '' she turned around.

i looked at her questioningly yet innocently.

''he doesn't remember you. he's  THE Zayn Malik now. okay?  he can get any Girl he wants. and he probably might have even now.'' she said.

''your, just...'' i didn't know what to reply.

just this once, i felt like i was believing her. 

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