On Top Of The World... Justin Bieber Fan Fiction

Jayleen is one of Drake and Rihanna's 13 kids. She's the only one in the family who isn't famous. She's just a dancer.

Follow her through life.....
From when she's 4 years old and finds out that she is ''Deadly Sick'', until she get's 15 years old and start dating the famous YMCMB rapper 'Shawty Mane (Justin Bieber).

Do you wanna know more? Read the story :)


1. Stomach Cramps


This is how Jayleen looks like when she's 3:  (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1309783808/nm4992338 )




Hi, i'm Jayleen. I'm 3 years old, soon about to be 4. And I live in a huge family. I have 12 sibling. I have a identical sister, who looks exactly like me, but the difference is that she has straight hair and I have curly hair. I also have a brother, and yes we're 'Triplets'.


Jackleen is the oldest one of us, she was born 13 seconds before me.

Jalen was born 5 seconds before me.

And then I was born. Which makes me the youngest one of all the 13 kids my parents have.


My parents are world famous, my dad Drake is a rapper, and my mom Rihanna is a singer. My mom stopped singing so she could take care of Jackleen, Jalen and myself. Just until we grew up.


All my other siblings are famous, either as rappers or artist/singer.



This is where the story begins, Jayleen starts getting sick.


The story. (Btw. This is what Jayleen is wearing: (http://www.polyvore.com/kids_outfit/set?id=60599428 ) Copy the link and put it in the search box and press enter. 



I was in my room siting on my bed having stomach cramps. It started 2 days ago, and I haven't ate anything. My dad is on tour right now, and he don't know about this.


I slowly slide down from my bed and started walking towards my door.

I pressed the handle down, and started walking down the stairs and into the living room.


I walked over to my mom who was sitting on the couch watching TV with my other siblings.


Mom: Hi my baby'' my mom said as she lifted me up and placed me on her lap and kissed my forehead. I usually NEVER sit with my mom, because I always sit with my dad, but now that he's on tour, I kinda have to sit with my mom.


You: Mom i'm not feeling good'' I said placing my arm around my stomach as I could feel the cramps come. Mom: Aww baby is it the cramps again?'' my mom asked placing her hand on mine. I slowly nodded, as I pressed my arms tighter around my stomach. It's not like its gonna help.


''You really need to take her to the doctor tomorrow mom'' my brother Ethan said. Mom: Yeah'' my mom said and nodded still looking at me.


Mom: Alright baby go up and change into your pj, and i'll call the doctor'' my mom said. I nodded and walked back up to my bedroom.



After I changed I just sat on my bed watching my mom walking around my room while talking on the phone with a doctor.


Mom: Alright bye'' my mom said and hang up. I looked up at my mom waiting for her to say something. Mom: Uhmm I talked to the doctor and we have a meeting tomorrow'' my mom said. You: Okay'' I said and layed down on my bed. My mom came and sat on the edge of my bed.


Mom: I wish dad was here, he always knows what to do'' my mom said while she was running her finger through my hair. I slowly nodded and got a little sad. You: I miss dad, mom'' I said and pouted. Mom: I know baby, but he's on his tour'' My mom said and kissed me on my cheek. Mom: He's gonna be back home in a month or something like that'' my mom said as she stood up.


Mom: Alright my princess, get some rest. Okay!'' my mom said and kissed my forehead, and pulled the covers up to my neck and walked over to the door. Mom: Goodnight'' my mom said. Y: Goodnight''....


I know this chapter was a little short. But hey, it's the beginning, I promise to make the others longer. Love Chicax.

If you wanna know how the characters looks like here's a link ( http://chicaxlovesyouboo.tumblr.com/Characters ) The picture of Jayleen and Jackleen and Jalen is when they are older. 


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