I haven't been on here for a very long time sorry guys! But I have been working on a story about a girl with superhuman qualities, named Ariana Summer. But disaster strikes when a freak accident occurs and Ariana's mother must go to the most talented magician in California, Indigo. In order to get Ariana back to her usual state, her mother Lola, must earn a large amount of money and she decides to do so by helping Indigo at her well respected and amazing magic stall...


3. Ariana's Transformation

The purple liquid seeped through her veins as she slept that night, jolting away from the little sparkle that was bouncing off its strange substance. With every touch, the purple liquid became weaker and weaker until it lay at the bottom of her feet, sloppy and useless.


Ariana woke that morning and went to do her morning round of papers round the five roads in her area; Cherry Close, Adflore Road, Prim Road, Keektin col-de-sac and the road that joined off from it- Hasling Corner. But today she felt odd. Normally the 5 road trip was no effort at all, but today, when she got to the end of Cherry Close she felt her body getting more tired by the minute. She collapsed to floor, and when she tried to get up, she couldn't.

The postman that she worked with came round the corner, and jumped back to see Ariana planking by the letter post, a crazy look in her eyes and her legs flailing around the air. She began to cry, a scary high pitched wail that sent the man running. He had little energy but he continued to run all the way back to Ariana's house on 'Princess Corner' as she called it, and burst into her house just before Ariana's mother shut it after cleaning the porch.

"Oh my gosh Mr Jokan are you alright?" Lola exclaimed and dropped her cleaning equipment on the floor.

"Ma'am something’s happening to Ariana! It’s like she's going back to a baby- a NORMAL baby!" He exclaimed, panting and wiping his brow. Lola's breathing quickened and after a second of silence, ran out the door and up down every road until she came to her princess, lying, sure to Mr Jokan's word as a baby. A normal baby.

She cried and was unable to walk, only crawl. The sight was disturbing, to see her 16 year old daughter going back to being a baby, whilst still being tall with golden locks. It wouldn't have been quite so awful if she had been the baby she had been at birth; inhuman and extraordinary.

"Doctors, doctors," Lola murmured to herself, and brought out her phone, ready to ring. Just as she was about to punch in the first digits, she stopped. Ariana-Summer wasn't a normal girl, and doctors mustn’t know. Doctors would probably put her in a mental home, or blame her and she would be put into care.

She knew the woman she needed- she just needed to get home first.

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