I haven't been on here for a very long time sorry guys! But I have been working on a story about a girl with superhuman qualities, named Ariana Summer. But disaster strikes when a freak accident occurs and Ariana's mother must go to the most talented magician in California, Indigo. In order to get Ariana back to her usual state, her mother Lola, must earn a large amount of money and she decides to do so by helping Indigo at her well respected and amazing magic stall...


2. Ariana's 16th

It was Ariana's sixteenth birthday and preparations were already in play. Midnight blue sheets surrounded her presents and stars glowed from the ceiling of her venue. Her huge cake with glitter icing sat proudly in the middle of the groaning table, along with a huge buffet. Her hair had a purple temporary dip dye for the occasion, and she whizzed around in her normal inhumane manner, to every house in the area, trying to get more random guests to her party. Ariana-Summer didn't care if she didn't know people, because she was willing to change that.


She slid across the floor after running for 2 hours and showed no signs of breathlessness. She was an extremely beautiful girl at the moment, her hair flowing down her back and a diamond tiara perched on the bump of her golden waves. Her blue crystal eyes had been accentuated by purple eye-liner  and the rest of her face was clear and glowing. Her dress was also purple with silver stars glittering around the hem, and when she moved it rustled across the floor with flawless grace. She just needed to be animated, and she could be the next Disney Princess.


Ariana-Summer always wanted to be a Princess for a Disney movie. She admired Pocahontas and Cinderella, even if she was 16, and wished she could be part of them, a flowing great beauty in the centre of them all. Clearly, it wasn't going to happen, for she wasn't an animated character, but she could dream, just like all the princesses told her to do. She had a huge poster of them in her room and she talked to them like friends.


Her real friends... Well she had a lot, but she couldn't talk about how she really felt. If she starting spewing rubbish about Disney, they'd ditch her for sure, so she had to talk girly. Straighteners, boyfriends, onesies, Hollister- she really wasn't interested. But Ariana was talented in every sense- even at being a perfect liar. She acted as though she was truly excited at the launch of the new GHD's and Justin Bieber's new CD. When she got home though, she was in Disney.



The party was in full swing and continued throughout the night. Everyone from school had come and all agreed it should be televised on something like Sweet Sixteen...


At 11:58 it was time to cut Ariana's cake. It was a beautiful thing, soft sponge and lilac icing and pink glitter sprinkled all over it. Through the centre was a row of edible glitter and when it was cut into, some flew out of the cake and landed on Ariana's dress, and fluttered down and settled on her stomach without her noticing.


The clock stroked midnight. She felt like Cinderella, as she and all her friends rushed out the huge hall and out into the night, looking out for parents, handing Ariana presents and thanking her for an amazing night. She nodded and smiled and hugged them all and when the last person had gone she sunk onto the step, nursing her head.


She felt quite odd and dizzy, and couldn't stop spinning. She was sure no one would be mean enough to spike her drink- they all knew she was tea-total and innocent. She put it down to being a long and tiring night, and travelled home in the car with her parents.


Ariana got home at last and stripped out of her beautiful purple dress and laid it carefully at the foot of her bed where she could see it. The little dot of glitter still lay on her stomach, but when she looked down 5 minutes later it had gone.

Ariana felt a strange surge in her stomach, like some sort of acid was swimming around inside her, with a boat bobbing on top. It wasn't sickness, she could tell, but something far more strange.


Could it be the answer of her inhuman actions?


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