I haven't been on here for a very long time sorry guys! But I have been working on a story about a girl with superhuman qualities, named Ariana Summer. But disaster strikes when a freak accident occurs and Ariana's mother must go to the most talented magician in California, Indigo. In order to get Ariana back to her usual state, her mother Lola, must earn a large amount of money and she decides to do so by helping Indigo at her well respected and amazing magic stall...


1. Ariana ~ Magical

Ariana-Summer was born at exactly 11:11 on Wednesday 25th July, in Lola's back garden. It was a very sunny day, where the sky was perfectly untouched and the clouds were hidden. She was born a tiny little thing, but she had a perfect button nose, and intriguing sparkling blue eyes that seemed to glow, along with a swirl of honeycomb blonde hair in a quiff at the top of her pink head.


At just 3 days old something extraordinary happened. She swung her legs out of her cot and began to walk. Lola jumped up in surprise and rushed to grab her, but Ariana was inhumanly sturdy on her feet and was casually toddling all around the house at the rate of a 12 year old girl on a high from Rainbow Drops.


From that day forth, Ariana-Summer seemed to do things no other new born could do. At 2 weeks old she was able to jump around on the trampoline unattended, and go strawberry picking like a pro all on her own in their back garden. By 5 months she was able to sew together dresses for herself, in all different shades like ice cream pink, cream, yellow and blue. Her creations were even better than her mothers were; and Lola was known throughout the city of California for her intense skills.


By 1 year it was clear that Ariana was no normal child. She could ride a bike without stabilisers, run as fast as squirrel and sew as neatly as her mother. Her mother hadn't even taught her these things; they just came naturally to the little girl who was born at 11:11...


She couldn't be normal.


For example, the postman had never heard of a girl that could deliver the post to all 5 roads in less than a minute. The baker had seen a kid eat a cream cake in less than a minute however, but Ariana could eat anything in 2 seconds flat. She had the appetite of a gorilla but she stayed in trim shape and soon became a very awed girl at Penny Hill High. She was popular, sweet and clearly flawless, with her natural honeycomb blonde hair which had grown to a long flowing curtain, and her blue eyes had become brighter.


However, she was also feared. Ariana was so different, that people believed she must have been blessed at birth, but Ariana simply believed that she had wished to be this way when she was being born at 11:11. She told her mother this countless times, and every time she got the same response:


"You cannot wish at 1 second old Ariana-Summer!"


But her mother sometimes wondered. After all she could walk at 3 days old and do things that had never been heard of before. She had the name of a princess, the aura of a popular girl, the majesty of a Queen and the mystery of a unknown potion...

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