Why Me?(Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Rosalia Johnson told her dying mother how she wanted to meet Harry Styles from One Direction, she did not expect to meet him like this. But the only question she was thinking was 'how did Harry Styles find my special garden?' After Harry's mum Anne explains her and rose's mums friendship will she discover her mums past and will she ever find her dad? Will Harry and her start dating. Read to find out and much more.......


3. The Story

Chapter 3: The Story

Louis P.O.V:  We just got back from lunch and let ourselves in to Harry’s when we saw him hugging the girl. She saw us and moved away from Harry blushing. “Harry? What’s going on here then?!” I asked slightly jealous. “Guys this is Rose. Rose this is Louis Zayn Niall and Liam.” Harry said. Rose smiled a little and whispered a hello. “HI!!” I yelled back and Harry glared at me, the others said hello and walked into the kitchen.

Harry’s P.O.V:

“I’m gonna have to tell you sooner or later.” She whispered “Tell me what?” I asked suddenly confused “Why I was running. Who I was running from.” She started crying. “Hey don’t cry. It can’t be that that bad... Wait did you say who?” “Mm-hm.” She nodded shaking a bit “I was my dad, Jason, I ran away from him because he.... he would abuse me and I finally snapped and just ran” She was crying harder now, I pulled her into a hug and she cried into my chest. The boys all walked out and looked sad and angry. “We heard everything.”

“Don’t cry Rose. He’s not gonna find you.” I murmured, “But what if he does find me? What will I do then? What if he finds out that I’m with you and comes after you and hurts you? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.” “Nothing is going to happen to us” Liam said. “Rose, why don’t you tell us the whole story. Like why he started doing what he did.” Zayn asked. Huh, that’s odd he is usually quiet, oh well.

Rose’s P.O.V:

This was it I was finally going to tell someone what happened. “Well it all started when I was 15, in year ten. I went Harry’s school, but he never noticed me, an” I was cut off by Harry, “I did too notice you.... and stuff.” He said his cheeks going a bit pink. “Anyway, there was this one girl, called Britney, she started calling me names and her friends joined in and eventually almost the whole school hated me and I didn’t know why. Harry here, was amongst the VERY few that didn’t, but even they didn’t talk to me. And that lasted up until graduation about a month ago. At the middle of last year my parents got divorced because my real dad was cheating on my mum. Then a few months later she married Jason, my step-father. He was nice and he had a well paying job, but then in about March this year my mum was diagnosed with cancer. They said it was very aggressive and that no matter what they did they wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. I told them that they have to try, but my mum told me it was alright. They said she had three months. I watched her over those three months, I watched her get weaker and weaker until the day she died. Jason got depressed and started drinking and doing drugs, he started taking stuff out on me. Some people at school found out that my mum died and stopped tormenting me. He found out that people at school knew and he accused me of telling and he started hitting me, saying I was worthless, useless waste of space and that I should die. I never thought I would nearly do it.” “But what stopped you.” Niall questioned. “My mum, she would’ve been disappointed in me for not staying strong. So I didn’t. Towards the end of the year, when people started to worry about graduation and prom and the fundraising for the prom, they forgot about bullying me. Jason kept hitting me and kicking me and sometimes he would cut me. I didn’t go to prom, I couldn’t. I didn’t have the money for a dress and Jason never would’ve let me go anyway. Graduation came and went and I just stayed home or in the garden. Harry knows the garden I’m talking about. Until today where I finally snapped and ran away and that’s how I ended up here.” I held my breath and closed my eyes and waited for their response, but all I got was silence. I opened one eye and they were just sitting there with their mouths hanging open.



Hope you guys like it. sorry i havent updated in a while, i've been really busy and there have been deaths in my family and i was travelling a lot and i had no internet connection. But i did add to this chapter and then i couldn't think of anything else to write. Please help me.

Ale xx

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