Why Me?(Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Rosalia Johnson told her dying mother how she wanted to meet Harry Styles from One Direction, she did not expect to meet him like this. But the only question she was thinking was 'how did Harry Styles find my special garden?' After Harry's mum Anne explains her and rose's mums friendship will she discover her mums past and will she ever find her dad? Will Harry and her start dating. Read to find out and much more.......


2. The Garden and Harry and then a Then a House?

Rose’s P.O.V:

I heard a car drive past and saw that it was Jason’s. And he drove straight past. I had $300 in my bag that I took from Jason’s wallet while he was passed out a couple of nights ago. He didn’t notice until today that’s why he was banging on my door. I got up when I was sure that he was gone and ran to the only place I felt that I was safe, the magical garden that my mum and her friends had found it when they were teenagers and had put a whole bunch of random stuff in it. My mum’s friends, their kids and I were the only ones that knew about it.


One day when I was on YouTube and my mum was on with me we came across a band called One Direction. I recognised one of them and his name was Harry Styles, we used to go to school together but he never noticed me ever. But ignoring that fact, I instantly fell in love with them and got all the posters and stuff over a couple of days and then the morning after I woke to see none of it. My mum came and told me to get dressed as she said she wanted to show me something. So I got dressed in a tee-shirt and skirt with converse shoes. My mum took me to a tree but that didn’t feel like what she was showing me. Instead she jumped down a hole and into a tunnel and I followed. It lead to a huge big garden. It was beautiful. And then I saw all of my one direction stuff on shelves. I hugged my mum tight and whispered a thank you.


I just remembered that 1D was on a break and went to spend time their families. Harry's mum, stepdad, and sister live here in Holmes Chapel. Anyway, I jumped down the hole and ran through the tunnel as fast as I could. I didn’t stop to think if anyone was even there.


Harry’s P.O.V:

I needed time to sort some stuff out. I’d been under so much stress the only place I could think to go is the garden. I was sat on a purple park bench with my head in my hands and was distracted by the sound of feet hitting the ground and then someone panting. A girl. I looked up and the girl hadn’t noticed me yet. So I decided to introduce myself.

“Hello.” I said she turned too quickly and fell over.

Rose’s P.O.V:

I had finally reached it. The garden. I was panting, trying to catch my breath.

“Hello.” I heard a male voice and spun around too quickly and fell over. He rushed over and asked if I was alright but I backed away because I couldn’t see his face. He took a step closer and his face was revealed.

“H-H-Harry?” That was all I remembered before I blacked out. I woke up to see something I did not expect. I was in someone’s living room and Harry Styles sitting next to me, his head on my shoulder asleep. I tried to shake him awake but he just groaned so instead I pushed him and he fell onto the floor and he woke up straight away and I couldn’t help but laugh and he said “ha-ha. Very funny.” then he burst into laughter.


Harry’s P.O.V:

She said my name and then feinted. I carried her all the way back to my place 3 blocks away. When we got home I put her on the couch and told Gemma that she feinted from running and was going to stay till she woke up. I wondered how she knew my name. I mentally face palmed and said to myself “I’m in a world famous boyband.” I knew her from somewhere but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She looked a teeny bit awkward but I didn’t move her ‘coz I didn’t want her to wake up. I was sitting next to her and must’ve fallen asleep ‘coz I felt someone shake me, I thought it was mum or Gemma and ignored it and moaned. Whoever it was didn’t take it well and I ended up on the floor wide awake. I looked and saw the girl, she looked sad and confused. “Ha Ha. Very funny.”  And we burst out laughing. The sadness was gone but the confusion was still there.


Rose’s P.O.V:

He must’ve seen my confusion because he said “You’re at my house. Don’t worry. What’s your name?”  “My name is Rosalia Johnson but you can call me Rose and how can I not worry my stepdad’s after me and when he gets me who knows what he’ll do?!” “Whoa, whoa calm down Rose. He won’t find you and if he does he I will protect you, and so will the boys.” He got up and hugged me and then as if on cue four teenage boys walk in and I quickly let go of Harry blushing a bit.


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