Why Me?(Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Rosalia Johnson told her dying mother how she wanted to meet Harry Styles from One Direction, she did not expect to meet him like this. But the only question she was thinking was 'how did Harry Styles find my special garden?' After Harry's mum Anne explains her and rose's mums friendship will she discover her mums past and will she ever find her dad? Will Harry and her start dating. Read to find out and much more.......


1. Running Away.

Rose’s P.O.V:

“Rose! Open this door right now!” All I could hear was my stepdad Jason yelling at me through the door. Whenever he is yelling at me I always think of my birthparents. My eyes tearing up as I packed a small bag. My dad and mom were always happy but then my mum found out that he was having an affair and he and mum got divorced and then a few months later she got re-married to this stupid jerk. A year after they got married my mum was diagnosed with a really aggressive cancer and the doctors said she had 3 months left to live. When she died I was so lost and I felt so alone and I blocked everyone out. Jason had started drinking and doing drugs and then the abuse started. First at home and then at school.

My bag was finished and Jason still hadn’t broken the door down and I knew it was only a matter of time before he did. I quickly climbed out the window and down the pipe that ran down the side of the two storey house. I was a few centimetres from the ground and jumped off. Jason was still hitting the door and hadn’t realised that I was gone. I was around the corner, hiding under someone’s bush in their garden. I jumped slightly as I heard Jason’s feint shouts and then a door slam. By this time I was bawling my eyes out silently so no one would hear me.


Jason’s P.O.V:

“Rose! Open this door right now!” I yelled through the door that I was trying to break down. But it wouldn’t budge. I continued to shout and when I stopped for 3 seconds I couldn’t hear anything besides the little slut sobbing. And then everything was silent. I pushed the door withal my might and finally gave in and fell forward and landing with me on top of it. I got up slowly expecting to see Rosie but I didn’t. She wasn’t in her room and the window was open I realised that she had run away. THAT LITTLE BITCH!!! She wasn’t getting away that easy. I yelled “ROSE! I’LL COME AFTER YOU!! JUST YOU WAIT!!!” I ran downstairs and out the front door and shut it and then ran to my car hopping in and slamming the door shut. I drove off in the direction that I thought she ran in.



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