Everybody goes through something, the important thing is to not let it stop you.


1. Captured Wings


Numb wings chocked back,

Crippled hearts attack.

Dreadful and Fractured rattled chains

Clowning poisonous games

She chased to fly

Life foreseeing no lie…


Haunted voices of shining azure,

Devoured the ghastly horror...

Dreadfully tempting turquoise eyes

Mouthed words of the deadly cries,

Inky velveteen strangled her escape

Long dusky silk travelled around her nape.


Sinful roseate petals from a sullen flower -

Sealed in a disremembered atrocious tower,

Florid arm like silk wrapped around extravagant velvet

Pulling her bony limbs within a gaudy cruet…

Secured intensely by a thousand deadly eyes

Towered bottle hidden by her prior lies.


Heart shaped feathered wings, lustrous golden brown

Dramatically clutched down a tragic frown…

She lowered her bony arms, dropping her timeless fortune-

Giving it all up, from the soul shattered fall she had fallen.

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