My Friend Mac.

Zayn Malik is a lonely, shy and bullied boy with no friends and not much of an aim in life either! Things only get worse when he finds out his Father joins the army and is posted to Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous war zones you could imagine. Zayn is absolutely heartbroken and worried for his Dad, but before leaving, his father decides that Zayn needs a friend and a companion, he decides to take Zayn to their local dog and cat rescue Shelter where Zayn finds a 3 year old mongeral who is due to be put down as no one seems to want a stray like him, he doesn't even have a name! Zayn however quite likes this dog and decides he can't bear to just leave the dog at the shelter to die so he takes him home and names him "Mac".

As time goes by, Mac and Zayn love eachother so much. But what happens when the family are forced to move away and leave Mac? Mac escapes and embarks on the long journey home. Will he make it? Will Zayn even recognise his dog?


8. Manners.

Mac's POV

So far, things in my brand new home couldn't have been better.  I was very happy here with priviliges I never even dreamed of having like a massive garden to dig in, lots of toys to play with, all the dog food I could eat and not to mention countryside walks every single morning where I could get nice and muddy and filthy, only to have a bath as soon as I got home.

I guess the only down point about everything so far was Zayn.  I really liked him, but it was his Father who walked me, fed me and played with me.  His mother washed me and sometimes she too would feed me if his Father was coming home late.  But Zayn barely did anything for me, I didn't see him do much and he was a pretty reserved person who obviously had something bothering  him, it was just a question of finding out what exactly was the matter. 

It was my third day here and Zayn's parents had gone out already even though it was only 10am.  I still hadn't been walked and I had been fed, but I was feeling a bit bored.  And unfortunately with dogs like me, when you get bored, you get peckish.  Soon, I decided to return to the kitchen, my bowl was already empty as I'd wolfed down my breakfast this morning, only my water bowl was still full, that was never empty.  Remembering my old routine from when I was abandoned, I jumped up onto the kitchen work surface and sniffed around for any food that might be of interest to me.  Eventually I came to a cupboard which smelt pretty interesting and opened to be reunited with a particular favourite of mine:  Cheese puffs!  There was also a packet of prawn crackers next to it.

I dropped both of the packets down to the floor and jumped down along with them and got tuck in within no time.  Being abandoned had taught me how to open packets of all sorts with my paws and teeth.  Suddenly, I was interrupted by the sound of something moving about, but I was quick to get back to my snack, it was probably just Zayn.  I was happily enjoying my meal until I got distracted by a voice, and it didn't sound happy.

'Hey! No! Bad dog!'  My head snapped up to see Zayn approaching me, frowning.  I could tell he was angry so I whined and back off.  'What do you think you're doing, eh?! That's naughty!'  Clearly I was confused about this whole situation, I'd never been told off for snacking, even when my old owners were still with me, they didn't seem to care if I stole food.  So how come Zayn suddenly cared?

He sighed, bent down and cleaned up the mess I'd made before bending down to my height and stroking my face.  'You were never taught doggy manners at your old home were you?'  I whined again.  'Sorry Mac, I forgot you were abandoned, stealing must've been your only way to get food, you poor thing.  Look, I'm sorry I got mad at you but from now on, just ask if you're hungry and one of us can give you a treat or something, alright?'  I licked his face as to show that I agreed.  'Alright, good boy, now how about we go out for a walk and then I can teach you some good doggy manners?'  I barked in agreement and excitement as he got my lead and attatched it to me.  As usual, I started to jump up on him as a result of my excitement.  Suddenly, he dropped the lead and turned away from me for a few seconds, then picked up the lead again.  'Right, we're gonna have to work on that jumping for starters.'

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