My Friend Mac.

Zayn Malik is a lonely, shy and bullied boy with no friends and not much of an aim in life either! Things only get worse when he finds out his Father joins the army and is posted to Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous war zones you could imagine. Zayn is absolutely heartbroken and worried for his Dad, but before leaving, his father decides that Zayn needs a friend and a companion, he decides to take Zayn to their local dog and cat rescue Shelter where Zayn finds a 3 year old mongeral who is due to be put down as no one seems to want a stray like him, he doesn't even have a name! Zayn however quite likes this dog and decides he can't bear to just leave the dog at the shelter to die so he takes him home and names him "Mac".

As time goes by, Mac and Zayn love eachother so much. But what happens when the family are forced to move away and leave Mac? Mac escapes and embarks on the long journey home. Will he make it? Will Zayn even recognise his dog?


2. Lonely.

*10 years later*

Zayn's POV

'Hey! Faggot!  How's it going you prick?!'  I froze.  The school bully, Eddie George was following me again.  He'd been picking on me ever since I arrived at the age of eight.  Before I could run, I felt myself getting pushed onto the floor, I groaned as my head bounced off my locker door and slammed onto the ground.  I let out a yelp as Eddie pulled me back by my hair, practically ripping some of it out.  He was my age, but much taller and stronger than myself, making me defenseless against him.  'Shut up!'  He hissed and dragged me into the toilets.  Here we go again, another beating...

He dragged me down the corridor to one of the toilets and made sure it was locked.  Then he turned to me and smirked at my back pressed against the wall while my face was pale as a ghost and I was breathing loud and quickly.  He put his hands on one of the wash basins and tapped it twice.  'Bend.'

'Eddie, I have to get home, leave me alone!'

'DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A DAMN?!!'  His voice made me jump.  'Bend!'  Swallowing, I bent over the basin and surrendured as he took my shirt off, revealing the bruises and nasty red whip marks littering my once smooth back.  I just closed my eyes and waited for it to happen.




I did nothing other than whimper and lay still and emotionless.  So many tears  had fallen from my eyes in the past that I had none left to shed.




How long would this last?  I gripped the basin harder as it gave me some comfort and distraction, but I gasped and trembled as he pulled down my pants and boxers.




This was a routine, six lashes and then six smacks on the arse.  I hated it, but there was nothing I could do, I'd given up fighting.




Finally, it was over.  Eddie pulled my boxers and pants up, then chuckled as I quickly got my shirt back on. 

'Well, it's been fun, but our session is over, you can go now, whore.'  Showing no emotion, I quickly gathered all my stuff and left the school.

My name is Zayn Jawaad Malik, I'm 16 years old, nearly 17 and I'm a normal kid from Bradford.  I've been bullied for a long time by so many people, but Eddie is my main fear.  The other kids aren't so bad, I'm quite strong so they just stick to the name calling.  When I was 6, I was out playing with my sister when she fell through the ice and was killed after running to get my ball.  Some brother I was, I didn't even go and help her!  I was just being selfish and loving the snow while she was fighting for her life and probably praying for me.  Ever since then, my parents haven't been the same, they've refused to have any other kids, always saying I'm the only one they can love now.  Mother says it's not my fault that Doniya died, but I know she's just trying to make me feel better.  Dad in particular is now very concerned about me and loving towards me, he's pretty overprotective but I guess he just doesn't want to lose me like he did with my sister.

'Mum, I'm home!  Dad!'  I called out as I walked through the door and dropped the keys on the little table in the front hall. 

'I'm in the kitchen, sweetie!'  I heard Mum call.  I smiled and joined her, the kitchen smelt amazing and she was cooking my favourite meal, breaded chicken with rice, sweetcorn and peas.  'Hi honey.  How was your day?'  She turned to me and kissed me on the cheek.

'It was alright, bit tiring.' 

'Are you sure honey?  You say that every single day.'

'Yeah, I'm fine, honestly!'  She just sighed and gave me one of her sad smiles.

'Alright, baby.  Got homework?'


'Alrighty then, you best be getting upstairs and starting that off.'

'Sure.  Where's Dad?'

'Oh, he'll be home late tonight, his boss wanted to see him for some reason, he'll be back in time for dinner!'

'Oh, alright.'  I shrugged and headed upstairs to my room with my bag and started on my Chemistry homework.

In all honesty, I hated my life, I loved my parents, but I hated my life so much!  The bullies, the guilt of my sister, missing my sister, no friends, just everything seemed completely pointless.  I'd been considering ending my life a few times, as the lack of social life was making me lonely and upset if I'm honest.

At the end of the day, I did want friends, I was just really shy, therefore as a result I had no idea how to make them.  But believe me, I'd love to have a friend, I really honestly would....

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