My Friend Mac.

Zayn Malik is a lonely, shy and bullied boy with no friends and not much of an aim in life either! Things only get worse when he finds out his Father joins the army and is posted to Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous war zones you could imagine. Zayn is absolutely heartbroken and worried for his Dad, but before leaving, his father decides that Zayn needs a friend and a companion, he decides to take Zayn to their local dog and cat rescue Shelter where Zayn finds a 3 year old mongeral who is due to be put down as no one seems to want a stray like him, he doesn't even have a name! Zayn however quite likes this dog and decides he can't bear to just leave the dog at the shelter to die so he takes him home and names him "Mac".

As time goes by, Mac and Zayn love eachother so much. But what happens when the family are forced to move away and leave Mac? Mac escapes and embarks on the long journey home. Will he make it? Will Zayn even recognise his dog?


7. Home.

Mac's POV

Today was the day I would be off to my new home, the other dogs were so happy for me, they knew the shelter only let us go to good and kind people.  Plus I'd met Zayn a few more times within the past few days, he had such a heart of gold.  I'd learnt that he was pretty shy and perhaps a bit lonely, but hey! That's what my role as his dog was, right?  As well as Zayn, I'd met his father a few more times and his mother, who'd fallen in love with me at first sight.  The moment she saw me she made high pitched "aaww" noises and began squeazing my face and kissing me.  Ok yeah, some dogs might find that embarrassing, but I was so used to neglection and being ignored that I was LOVING all the kisses and cuddles, it was just the kind of dog I was!

I barked and jumped up and down like a little bunny rabbit when a man who worked there came to take me out of my cage, I knew it was to take me to Zayn who'd take me out of this place forever.

'Hey there, Mac!  Ready to go home, bud?'  I barked a  yes.  He just chuckled and entered my cage.  I couldn't hold my excitement in as he put on my brand new red collar and attatched my blue lead with white paws to it.  He gave the lead a little tug and beckoned me to come, I wasted no time and immediatly bounded forward, excited to see my old pal Zayn once more.  I was taken outside and at first, I couldn't see him as I desperately looked around for that tanned skin and jet black quiff I knew all too well now.  But then a voice came.

'Mac!  Hey boy!'  I looked to my right to see him crouching down and smiling with joy to see me.  As soon as the man holding me dropped my lead, I sprinted over to Zayn and his parents and bounded on my new best mate, giving him a first class lick - fest and resting my paws on his shoulders.  'Woah!  Hi Mac! Good to see you too!'  He grabbed my lead and stood back up, still stroking and patting my back and stomach.  'He all good to go?'  His father asked the man who'd been holding me.

'Yep, he's ready, good luck with him, I know with the right training he'll make the perfect dog.' 

'Ok, thankyou so much for letting our son have him, he looks like the exact guy we've been looking for.'  The man and my new family talked for just a few more minutes before we all headed towards a large jeep which I assumed was their car. 

'Zayn, honey, can you get him in the back?'

'Sure Mum.  Alright you, come Mac, come on.'  Zayn opened a large door revealing a massive space at the back of the car which already had a massive doggy bed in it as well as a bone to chew on.  'Ok, get in Mac.'  He tapped the floor twice.  'Atta boy! Good boy!'  He praised as I jumped up and settled down onto the soft doggy bed.  He handed me the bone and then closed the door.  I wasn't panicked as to where he was, I could still hear him in the car and I eventually realised that I sit in the very back while the humans sit in the front, I guess it was just the way things worked!

I'm not sure how long the journey was, probably only about half an hour maximum.  But when we did stop and Zayn took me out, I was in awe.  It was a beautiful massive house in a very  nice neighbourhood.  I could hear children screaming and laughing in the distance and it was making me very happy indeed.  It wasn't too busy, nice and quiet, my kind of neighbourhood.  I got all excited as Zayn led me to the house and as soon as he opened the door and let me off the lead, I was away and exploring in seconds, sniffing around wherever my paws and nose could reach.   Zayn left me for a while before finding me again perfectly happy on the porch sunbathing and panting to cool myself down.  'Hey Mac, you like it here, huh?  Good boy.'  He whispered rubbing and massaging my ears, which made me groan and close my eyes in pleasure.  His hands were so soft and comforting to the touch, but there was a different side of him that he seemed to be refusing to show me.  Inside, I could sense fear, loneliness and sadness, it was shown in his eyes, the way he looked at me.  He looked at me with a sense of relief, as if I was the first ever friend he had.  But I could relate, I too had that feeling, he was my first friend, the first human I could ever trust.  Together we'd had some tough days, and although we didn't know eachothers, they didn't matter to us anymore, what mattered was that we were now there for eachother to fix whatever fear and damage we were caused in our past.

My tail gave three final thumps before I settled into a slumber in the warm sun.  My final thought before drifting off was that I was home and nothing could make my life better at the moment...

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