My Friend Mac.

Zayn Malik is a lonely, shy and bullied boy with no friends and not much of an aim in life either! Things only get worse when he finds out his Father joins the army and is posted to Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous war zones you could imagine. Zayn is absolutely heartbroken and worried for his Dad, but before leaving, his father decides that Zayn needs a friend and a companion, he decides to take Zayn to their local dog and cat rescue Shelter where Zayn finds a 3 year old mongeral who is due to be put down as no one seems to want a stray like him, he doesn't even have a name! Zayn however quite likes this dog and decides he can't bear to just leave the dog at the shelter to die so he takes him home and names him "Mac".

As time goes by, Mac and Zayn love eachother so much. But what happens when the family are forced to move away and leave Mac? Mac escapes and embarks on the long journey home. Will he make it? Will Zayn even recognise his dog?


4. Discussion.

Zayn's POV

'Sweetheart! Dinner's ready!'

'Coming!'  I yelled as I finished off the last question of my maths homework.  I switched my desk light off and got up to head downstairs, taking the stairs two at a time before bounding into the room as always.  Just because I was like that, doesn't mean I was confident, because I wasn't in any shape or form.  I smiled as I saw my Father in the living room ready to great me.

'Hi son, how's it going?'

'Hey Dad, pretty good.'  My Father was my best friend to me, I mean, yes he was over protective, but he wasn't as bad as my mother, she didn't let me do anything I wanted, not that I wanted to do much though!  At least with Dad I could play football and train for the school team.  Mum wasn't too keen on it, she was worried I'd get hurt, but Dad managed to convince her it was just football and no one really got hurt (Which was the truth!)

'Dinner's on the table guys!'  Mum called out, Dad was the first to get to the table, I just tagged along. 

'Wow Trish, smells amazing!'

'Thankyou Yasser, now come on, let's get stuck in before it gets cold!'  In all honesty, I wasn't really that hungry, I just wasn't in the mood, I'd rather go back upstairs to my room.

'Zayn, stop playing with your food, please.'  Mum said sternly, I just sighed and began to eat, praying that my stomach wouldn't act up as I got kicked there earlier.

'Well, a little birdie told me that somebody here is gonna have a birthday soon!  The big seventeen, eh mate?  Want to celebrate?  Perhaps a party?'  I looked up from my food and just shrugged.

'Zayn! Your father asked you a question, do you want a party or not?'

'Who would I even invite?'

'Well, what about that kid from across the road?  Liam Payne?  He's your age.'  I gave him a look that said "Seriously?!"

'Dad, he's a weirdo, he just plays basketball all the time!'

'You play sports.'

'Not 24/7.  I mean, when I see him, that's all he ever does!'

'Well, we could invite the family over, perhaps?  Your aunt, uncle, maybe nan can come too.'

'Cool.'  Was my simple answer.

'Here, got these today.'  He handed me a huge packet of invitations.  'You can write some up and then maybe send them off to school kids, family, whoever you want.  Maybe even that Eddie kid, his Dad seems nice!'  Yeah, right Dad, just because his Dad's nice doesn't mean the kid's nice!  My Father was Eddie's Dad's work colleague and friend, it shames me to admit it.

'Can I be excused?'

'Sure.  Don't forget those invitations.'  I nodded and took the invitations before heading upstairs.



Yasser's POV

I sighed after Zayn left upstairs.

'Trish?  What are we gonna do?'

'Hm?  About what?'

'You know what, he's gonna be so lonely when I'm gone.  Maybe we should reconsider, you know, what I suggested the other day-'

'Yasser, honey no!  It's not a good idea!'

'Trish, please, be honest with me, why don't you want him to have a dog?  It'll give him some company, he needs a friend, someone who can boost his confidence up, someone who he can trust.'

'And then what'll happen?  He'll end up loving the dog, what we gonna do then?'

'I thought that was the general aim of having a dog.'

'Honey, the dog's not gonna be around forever, they die, they run away from home, they get hit by cars, everything that can go wrong pretty much does go wrong with a dog.  And you know Zayn, he can't handle it.  He's sensitive, shy and chances are he'll have no authority over the dog, he's too young and too shy for that kind of responsibility.'

'Tricia, how do you even know what he can and can't handle?  You've never given him a chance since Doniya!'

'Hey, don't bring Doniya into this, she's the exact reason I know he can't handle much.'

'Babe, they're completely different kids, for crying out loud!  How do you know Zayn's not gonna be able to handle a dog?  Please, he is responsible, he's already a straight A student.  If he can take responsibility of his education that's already a massive step towards being able to have a dog.  Plus you know how you always get annoyed at him for just staying in his room all day when he's not at school?  Having a dog will mean he'll have to take responsibility and get out at least three times a day.'  Tricia took the plates away from the table and sighed.

'There's an RSPCA centre pretty near here, you can take him there during the weekend.'  A large smile crept on my face.  'AFTER his birthday party, alright?'

'Sure!  Thanks Tricia, trust me, you won't regret letting him have one.'   She just sighed again and gave a weak smile.  I kissed her forehead and headed upstairs to Zayn's room to make sure he was ok.  There he was, fast asleep on the bed, shivering slightly as he hadn't pulled the blanket over.  I chuckled and put the duvet over him gently without waking him.  'Goodnight son.'

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