My Friend Mac.

Zayn Malik is a lonely, shy and bullied boy with no friends and not much of an aim in life either! Things only get worse when he finds out his Father joins the army and is posted to Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous war zones you could imagine. Zayn is absolutely heartbroken and worried for his Dad, but before leaving, his father decides that Zayn needs a friend and a companion, he decides to take Zayn to their local dog and cat rescue Shelter where Zayn finds a 3 year old mongeral who is due to be put down as no one seems to want a stray like him, he doesn't even have a name! Zayn however quite likes this dog and decides he can't bear to just leave the dog at the shelter to die so he takes him home and names him "Mac".

As time goes by, Mac and Zayn love eachother so much. But what happens when the family are forced to move away and leave Mac? Mac escapes and embarks on the long journey home. Will he make it? Will Zayn even recognise his dog?


6. Chosen.

Dog's POV

I've been here for quite a while now, at least a few weeks.  And despite the kind treatment I got from that man who rescued me and the warm greeting I had from the other dogs, I felt pretty unwanted.  I'd realised that my purpose here was to only stay here for a while and then I would go to a new home with  loving owners.  I tried all the tricks in the bag: barking, whining, wagging my tail, giving them my cute look, but sadly nothing worked so far, but that didn't mean I gave up.  I was always happy to see people, so barking happily and wagging my tail was perfectly natural!

Another thing I'd realised is that all the other dogs had been given something I still didn't have: A name. They just called me "Dog" and didn't really have much hopes for me being adopted as according to them, I was just an old stray who no one would want.  One of the reasons was because I was a mongeral, and not "pretty enough" as the staff would say, another was my age, everyone wanted puppies or young dogs, I was already 3 years old, well gone my puppy stage.

Today, it was just a normal day in my view, loads of people had passed me, but none had shown interest, which made me sad and by the end of the day, I'd used up all my energy and was just asleep in my doggie bed.  Suddenly, I heard a voice.

'What's he like?'

'Very bouncy, friendly, lovely little boy, just a mongrel an agent picked up from an abandoned house.'  I looked up, wondering who they were talking about and that's when my eyes met those soft Hazel ones.


Zayn's POV

Dad had put a blindfold over my eyes as soon as we'd got in the car and left the house.  I wasn't at all scared, just pretty excited for the surprise.  He kept asking if I was alright and I nodded and assured him I was fine.

Finally, we came to a halt and a tiny smile crept upon my face.

'Dad?  Can I take my blindfold off?'

'No, no, no.  Not yet.'  I heard him get out of the car and open my door.  He grabbed hold of my hands  and gently pulled me out.  'Easy, that's it.  Come on.'

'What's going on?'  I said, giggling as he took me out of the car and made me walk along quite a few steps along what sounded like a stone path until we came to a much smoother surface.

'Nearly there, son.  Alright, you ready?'


'3.....2......1, go!'  He took the blindfold off me. 'Happy Birthday!'  I gasped at the sight.  There were at least 20 or 30 kennels, all filled with one, perhaps two or three dogs.

'What?  You serious?'

'Yep.  Pick whichever one you want.'  A massive smile spread on my face and immediatly I raced off to observe all the kennels.  There were all kinds of dogs, small dogs, big dogs, Labradors, the whole lot!  There were even three little Chihuahuas looking for a home together!  The first few kennels didn't offer that much for me.  I mean, don't get me wrong they were cute and wonderful dogs, but I was looking for a dog that wasn't as big as the massive Labradors or the Mastiffs, bascially someone who wasn't too big and had energy, so that I could at least have someone to play with.  Not too much though, as I wasn't really a go out person.

Eventually, I came across a dog who was mainly brown but had darker brown ears and a black snout, sleeping in his bed.  A member of staff came over.

'Can I help you?'  I looked at her and then looked back towards the dog.

'What's he like?'  I asked her.

'Very bouncy, friendly, lovely little boy, just a mongrel an agent picked up from an abandoned house.'  I nodded and watched as the dog opened his eyes and quickly perked his head up, he seemed curious about me.

'Hey there, little fella, come on! Come here, it's alright.' The dog wagged it's tail and trotted over towards me, he began to lick my fingers which were pressed to the cage.

'How come he doesn't have a name plate?'  My Father asked.

'Oh, we just call him "Dog", there doesn't seem to be a name which suits him.'

'Dad?  I want this guy.'  The Dog's eyes suddenly lit up, his ears perked up and he gave a little bark of rejoice.

'Son, are you sure you want him?  He's pretty big, and he's a mongrel, you sure you wouldn't  perhaps want a nicer looking dog?'  The Dog whined at my father's comment.

'No Dad, he's the one I want.  Please?'

'As long as it makes you happy.'  I smiled.

'Yes!  Hear that, boy?  You can come home with me!'  He barked and wagged his tail violently.

'Well I guess he's yours.  I'm assuming you don't want to keep calling him "Dog"?'

'No, he needs a proper name.  Zayn, any ideas?  He's your dog after all.'

'Hm..'  I examined the dog and came up with the perfect name for him.  'I want to name him after Doniya's snowman.'

'Son?  Are you sure?'


'Zayn, I'm not sure, you know, "Mumma and Chocolates" is actually a name.'

'What? No, but "Mac" is.'  The dog barked in agreement.

'Mac?  Perfect name for him!'

'Well then, follow me and we'll fill out some papers.' 

'Alright, come on son.'

'Coming, see ya Mac!'


Mac's POV

'Coming, see ya Mac!'  He said and ran off to follow his father, I gave a bark of goodbye.  He'd chosen me! Of all the dogs, he wanted me!  I was so happy and I finally had a name!  Mac, I loved the sound of it, it was kinda a cheeky kind of name, perfect for a cheeky kind of dog like me!  I saw a member of staff approach my cage with some writing which read the words I'd always wanted to see.


I wagged my tail as she put it up and then settled back down into my bed.  I was gonna be free now, and something, just something, told me that this was gonna be the start of the greatest adventure any dog could have...

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