I Wish I had Born Rich

It is the poem describing my feeling towards the animals


1. I wish I had Born Rich — Poem

I wish I had born rich,
Not billionaire I become to wish,
But enough to spread happiness among strays,
They can be dogs, cats or humans,
But frankly animals I care more,
For them I wish I had born rich.

It is not that I don’t like humans,
But in human I trust, in humans I believe,
Animals are the one that need care,
Neither can cook nor produced their foods,
Humans or nature they have to depend on,
It is why I wish I had born rich.

My eyes get wet when I see a lost puppy looking for mother,
My eyes get wet when I see hungry cat looking for food,
Hunger and lost ness in their eyes that make me think,
I wish I hard born rich.

We humans seems to made pact with predators,
We live safely in cities while predators live in jungle,
But seems cats are not so lucky,
They are hunted by predator’s day & night,
Only few days ago I buried a kitten,
War with the dog brought his end,
I still remember injured kitten running away from me,
When I was landing a hand of safety,
That day made me realize how unsafe animals are,
How untrusting humans are for them,
That day I realize if had adopted that kitten before,
The kitten would be safe and I would have a friend,
But then I realize I couldn’t afford a cat,
That day I wish I had born rich.

I saw a dog white and rough,
I realized it’s the same dog one was gold and glittering,
What fate made him so I didn’t knew,
But I knew that money would have treated him well,
That day I wish I had born rich.

Though I still believe lucky are the people who are rich,
They have head start that others don’t have,
Imagine the noble act they can do,
Now I wish I hard born rich.

I realized even I am not rich,
I could still help,
There are the people’s, who share my dream,
There are the people’s, who share my objective,
There are the people’s, in form of WFA,
Together we will achieve it,
What many says is impossible,
So what if I am not born rich,
I still have hope and other humans to help,
So what happens if God has not made me Rich?
Together with humans I share the dream,
Together we will build such a world,
We all can proudly say “World for All”

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