Fun House

Hey everybody. This story is for a competition so I hope you all press the like button and enjoy it :D:D:D Also I hope you like the cover as I made it myself with pictures from Google images :)

Angel is your average real estate agent looking to sell houses. "Never go in that house!" her mother once told her. Does she have to sell that house, or does she have nothing to do with it. She hears all sorts of noises you wouldn't ever dare to listen to.


9. Where Am I?

My eyes fluttered open as light blinded my sight. I moaned and it hurt my head.

"Angel!" a voice called. A blur stood above were I lay. The vision slowly, yet painfully became clear.

"Matt?" I asked, "What are you doing here? Where I am I?" My head was pounding and I felt so dizzy. My attempt to get up failed as Matt led me back down.

"Whoa...easy there," he stroked my hair,", "You're in the hospital. I found you in the bath tub. I saw you cut your neck. Why did you do it?"

I didn't die? I went through all that pain for nothing? "WHAT!" I shouted. That didn't help my head.

"Calm down angel," his voice soothed. He grabbed my hand and stroked my palm with his thumb.

"NO!" I I have to see Christy again," I cried. I wanted to meet with her so much. I miss her.

"I won't allow it," he protested. He really had it in him. I bet he won't last to stay awake. Once he's asleep I'm out of here.

I was lying in the hospital bed in a white room. Everything was white. The walls, floor, curtains, chairs, everything. It was so depressing and so plain.

"Get some sleep Angel," he said as he sat on the chair beside the bed. "Don't you dare try anything. Close your eyes."

I stared into his eyes surprised at what he said. He sounded so harsh, so nasty. I have never seen that in him before. He was always so cute and adorable. I feel like  he just hates me now,for what I tried to do to myself. I guess nobody on this earth cares about me anymore. All the more reason to see Christy. 

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