Fun House

Hey everybody. This story is for a competition so I hope you all press the like button and enjoy it :D:D:D Also I hope you like the cover as I made it myself with pictures from Google images :)

Angel is your average real estate agent looking to sell houses. "Never go in that house!" her mother once told her. Does she have to sell that house, or does she have nothing to do with it. She hears all sorts of noises you wouldn't ever dare to listen to.


2. Was This My End?

My breathing was heavy and deep as I tried to see were I was. It smelt really bad, like a butchery, but worse. I became woozy from the horrid smell. The chair that I had been sat on was very uncomfortable and I had something wet on my leg which stung my rash that I had gotten from the rain.

It was very dark, but I could feel the moisture in the air which made me think there was a window open somewhere. I heard noises, it made my heart race faster and faster. My blood turned cold and my insides hurt. It sounded like groans of anger, evil and hatred. What was it? It didn't sound human, not one bit, but what possibly could make a noise like that.

The angry groans got louder, but stayed at a distance. I heard another noise. It was human this time, or so I thought. It was humming. It was right next to me, close to my right ear. It was a scary humming. It made me flinch. I didn't want to look that was or I might scare myself, so I closed my eyes and hunched my neck. My fists clenched. I COULD FEEL! I COULD MOVE MY BODY AGAIN! But I daren't run, for I don't know which way, which direction. Was there even a way out? It sure didn't feel like it. I didn't want to move, I was too scared.


I sat, with my eyes shut tight and my body was hurting. I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep. Not at this point in time. The humming continued and now and then groans would echo the area of which I was sat.

WHOA! A strong breeze swept passed me causing me to fall back in my chair. It felt like a ghost flying past. I could feel multiple presences in the room, which scared me half to death. A huge growl came from in front of me, causing me to shiver throughout my whole body.Why was someone doing this to me, or should I say something? See, I believe in ghosts and spirits and this was defiantly the work of paranormal activity. I shut my eyes tight and prayed to god that things could get better.

"Don't bother praying!" a sharp voice hissed, "It won't change anything!" Then deep evil laughing came from the same voice.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" I cried. Tears escaped my swollen eyes.

"Don't you know?" It said calm, but harsh. " THE FUN HOUSE!" It announced. It wasn't very fun.

"Well it's fun for me...," It growled in a deeper, more powerful voice. I felt a million presences gathering around me. He heard me? "Yes...I can read your thoughts and feel your emotion," it's voice pounded in the floor below me.

I opened my eyes and looked straight ahead. "AHH!" a scary face popped in front of me causing me to scream and shut me eyes tight. I wasn't one for scary faces and that was so blimmin' scary. It resembled the face from that old movie 'The Exorcist ' and I hate that face. It scares me for hours after the movie is over. Tears upon tears escaped my eyes like waterfalls. Why me? I cried hard, but make not a single sound. Was this my end?  

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