Fun House

Hey everybody. This story is for a competition so I hope you all press the like button and enjoy it :D:D:D Also I hope you like the cover as I made it myself with pictures from Google images :)

Angel is your average real estate agent looking to sell houses. "Never go in that house!" her mother once told her. Does she have to sell that house, or does she have nothing to do with it. She hears all sorts of noises you wouldn't ever dare to listen to.


3. Open Your Eyes

 Was this my end?

"NO!...Not yet," the voice rumbled the space around. This thing, what ever it was, was obviously in charge. "Of course I'm in charge. I am....the RING MASTER!" more evil laughter escaped from the presence of the paranormal spirit.

Humming started up again closer than before. Like it was right on my ear, so close that I could feel a breath-like wind blowing down my neck. This was horrible. I want to go home. Please won't someone come and save me.

"Nobody cares that you are gone Angel!" the voice echoed around me more than before.

"How do you know my name?" I questioned with fear in my trembling voice.

"We all know your name. We even watched you at some point in your life," it laughed. The laugh sent goosebumps throughout my body. It's voice was so death threatening that it made me feel more sick than before. Why can't you just kill me and get it over and done with? "Well, that would be no fun for us," it's deep scary voice hissed at me.

 The lights turned on, it was an in closed white room, with....dead bodies all on the floor.

"AHH!" I screamed so loud. My panting was so hard and fast. I looked down at the wet patch on my leg and it was, "B...B...BLOOD!" I yelled.

I looked at the ground at all the dead bodies which caused the bad smell. Some of these motionless bodies I had seen on telly before. They were the ones on the news that were reported missing. This wasn't how I imagined my death. No way near it. I wanted to die doing something I loved like sky diving or rock climbing, not being tortured by paranormal spirits and ghosts.


looked around one last time, with tears that managed to escape my eyes. I had seen enough and I closed then shut.

"Open your eyes. Open your eyes, voices began to whisper over and over.

"Make it stop!" I shook my head in disbelief. The whispers became faster and more repetitive  "FINE!"  gave in and opened my eyes and to my surprise I was in a hospital hallway. Dead bodies still lay on the ground around me.

The hallway was very, very long. I looked around to see any sign of help, but a black figure caught my eye. It was standing, no floating at the very end of the hallway. Just floating there, facing my, maybe even watching me. It's presence gave me goosebumps. It floated a big higher off the ground and started to charge at me, very fast. It was heading straight for me. I scrunched my eyes shut and the whispers, yet seamed to be like screams, started again. Over and over they would repeat the same line, and over and over I would deny its command.

 "Open your eyes!"

"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" I screamed.

"OPEN YOUR EYES GOD DAMN IT!" the deep voice yelled in a crazy commotion and I got thrown off my chair and onto the hard ground beside the dead bodies. I did my best to keep my eyes shut.

My arm was killing me, there was a sharp pain in it. I wanted to check it out, but I didn't wanna open my eyes. I put my hand on the pain in my arm and it felt like glass. I grabbed hold of the piece and ripped it out my arm. A loud yelp escaped my lips as it hurt so bad, but I had to deal with it. There was no other way.

I covered the wound with my hand tight and didn't let go. I heard the growls and howls beside me, but I didn't open my eyes. These things wanted my eyes open, but I wasn't going to give in. It seemed as though they couldn't control brain, so I wasn't going to give in to whatever was doing this to me.

The whispers carried on, "Open your eyes!" Over and over it repeated 

The growling continues, as did the humming and it scared me half to death, but I had to keep my eyes closed. I kept telling myself that. Then, a huge gust of wind blew in my face causing me to lose my breath. I couldn't breath, it was like I had been stabbed in the throat with a razor sharp knife. I coughed and choked for air until I got the slightest breath. I inhaled and exhaled so loud and strong. I was still laying on the ground, I didn't want to move. I brought my knees up to my head and blocked out all sound, except it didn't really help as I could still hear the terrible noises of my surroundings.  

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