Fun House

Hey everybody. This story is for a competition so I hope you all press the like button and enjoy it :D:D:D Also I hope you like the cover as I made it myself with pictures from Google images :)

Angel is your average real estate agent looking to sell houses. "Never go in that house!" her mother once told her. Does she have to sell that house, or does she have nothing to do with it. She hears all sorts of noises you wouldn't ever dare to listen to.


8. No! Angel Stop!

It's been two weeks and I haven't left the house since I realized that what happened was all real. I have blocked myself from the outside world. I have hardly eaten anything and I think I some weight. My trackies don't fit me like they use to. I'm glad that I don't have my mobile because then people can't try calling me. I have the house phone but hardly anyone knows the number, but the people that do have tried, I just decline. I have had about 50 knocks on the door but no way did I answer them. Nothing could make anything better that to see Christy.

I sat funny clothed in the bath with cold water runny. Christy was dead. The only way I could see her was to die. She's my best friend. I have nobody else who means this much to me. All my family abandoned me.

As I sat shivering in the cold water I brought up the razor blade to my neck. My hands were shaking like mad. I was scared, but I had to do it.

"NO! ANGEL, STOP!" I heard a voice enter the room. I had to do it before I got stopped. My hand slid across my neck fast with force. My hand dropped into the water. The pain was strong and quickly spread around my body. I felt the blood rush out of the long cut from ear to ear as I sank down into the water.

"ANGEL!" the voice called. I didn't care who it was. I felt something, or someone pull me out of the water. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I floated away slowly to death.

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