Fun House

Hey everybody. This story is for a competition so I hope you all press the like button and enjoy it :D:D:D Also I hope you like the cover as I made it myself with pictures from Google images :)

Angel is your average real estate agent looking to sell houses. "Never go in that house!" her mother once told her. Does she have to sell that house, or does she have nothing to do with it. She hears all sorts of noises you wouldn't ever dare to listen to.


10. End All This Pain

I woke from my sleep in the hospital bed and I saw that Matt was asleep on the chair.Now is my only chance. I slowly got out of bed. My neck was hurting so bad. It hurt to swallow, move my head and talk. I had to end all this pain. I walked down the hallway, to go find anything to end it. This place felt familiar  like I have been here before. Where have I seen this place? And where are all the people?

"Angel stop," I heard Matt say. I turned to face him, but he wasn't there. At the end of the long, white hallway was a black figure.

"Matt?" I asked, "What are you doing?" I walked slowly towards the figure I accused of being Matt and it lifted off the ground and was floating. Oh no! I knew where I have seen this place. In the house on the hill. The place the voice called the 'Fun House'. I stepped back a couple of times and turned to run. It hurt, but I had to run.

"Angel? There is no point in running. You won't get anywhere," Matt said. Matt can help me, but where is he?

"Matt, where are you?" I called out. 

"I'm all around you Angel," he said. His voice didn't sound quite like normal. It sounded slightly evil. He had anger hidden in his toxic sound that escaped his mouth. What was wrong with him?

"Matt, stop messing around!" I shouted. Why was he doing this.

I walked down the hall away from the figure. The walls started to crumble away into darkness. What the hell is going on? This is not normal. It was freaking me out so much. I fell to the floor and hugged my head in my knees. It hurt my neck, but I didn't care. I wanted to dies anyway. I...this...but.. A soft sigh pealed my lips. This is it. There is no escape for me now.

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