Heart of Africa

In Africa, rules were spoken words. There was the wild and there was the gods. Anything could happen, Anything, if you take it too far.


2. Tarkari

I left the arena before the dance ended. I just wanted to go home and dream. It was getting dark. As I walked the dusty path towards home, I noticed a group of people in front of me. They seemed to be deep in conversation. I wasn't sure if they were from my path of the village.

I had my head down as I kicked some rocks on the way.

The breeze outside was so relaxing I could have lost my way as I walked home.

...just a little.


It was a faint conversation, I could hear tit bits of what they were saying as I drew closer to them.

They were four men. I'm sure I've not seen them around my village. They must have come down here to watch the dance. Not a surprise for the dance to draw a huge crowd. But people from outside our village. Doesn't happen that often. They seemed to be discussing the dance they just watched. But what could be weird about it.

I don't think it's her. One of the men in a brown khaki shorts said.

Can't be her. Another one replied. We know that for sure.

Doesn't stop what we just saw from being scary. She looks a lot like Tarkari. The taller man in the group said. And the others just nodded in agreement as they took a left turn at the intersection.

I was left to ponder what they were talking about as I took a different turn. I could hear voices echoing far away. The dance was probably over and the people were departing.

I got home just in time to see my Pa putting the goats back into their Pen.

Pa. I thought you went to watch the dance?

Oh no. I went to Atu' and shared some drinks with the men instead.

Oh ok.

Is your mother back?

Pa I just got back.

Wasn't she right behind you? He asked.

I gave a chuckle. No Pa. I'm sure she wasn't.

Well it's getting late for dinner. She knows better to be back on time.

I'm sure she will be home soon.

For a moment I seemed to have forgotten about the girl that I was so mesmerized by. I walked into my room and lay on the raffia bed I shared with my brother. I just lay there and stared at the roof of the hut. I was getting hungry, and hoped Ma will be back soon to make some dinner.



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