Trust Issues/trust noone...Conor Maynard Love Story

India westbrooks 17yrs of age. 5'3 short..may look okay but she been through alot. She is mexican/black. She has light/mixed skin color, she also love to dance, rap,singing and writting songs.
She's been through aload of pressure, and depression, and faced alot of anxiety, battle scars, personal scars,she and her mom lived in a sketchy downtown new york city.. ever since her dad became an acoholic, he beat and left bruises on both of em'.. until he abonden them..but let them to suffer more. Ever since she was 5years old this has been happenin' but Now she's 17, its been 12 years of crap, torture, pain,emptiness, loneliness. No wonder why its hard for her to trust anyone, she only trust one person which is her mom because theyv e been through alot and shared expriences that couldve killed them both.sometimes she ask her purpose of her even living on this earth?. Her and her mother got away from all this.. by movin to a small town named Brighton in the UK. But when conor comes along...


1. The train to Brighton...

I sat there reminicing at the thought of moving to another town. I looked outside the window admiring the lanscapes. Today was my birthday .. yep just turned 17 today, but ya think i would be excited like normal teenagers, because its one year closer till they move out there parents house but not me.. i want to stay here with my mom till the end.  

I looked to my side and saw my mom resting,she had a blanket on her, i watched her inhale and exhale softly. I smiled at the thought that we were going to be safe from what weve been through. The features on her face screamed stress, i know i could tell.. there were bags under her eyes, and formed wrinkles to. She looked like a 40yrold women but she wasnt. My mom was in her early 30's, all this stress she's been through made her face age a bit. I turned back around looking at the lanscapes,i didnt want to sleep, i wasnt tired though.

I watched people walked by up and down the train. I know that you would ask how the hell did you make the decision of moving all the way across the world, well i dont know my mom and i just need a quit place to be in and settled i guess, and i always wanted to go to the Uk so yeah.. she thought this would be a great oppurtunity once in a life time thing ya know.

5hours later..

I didnt realized i fell asleep but i heard someone softly calling my name. I swiftly jerked up and i realized it was only my mother. She gave me a warm smile. I havent seen one of those smiles in a while. I smiled back in happiness.

'' Sweetie were here at the Brighton train station''. while she picked up all the bags.

I slowly nodded and packed up alll my stuff and grabbed two of my luggages, i was nervous a little bit just to tell ya that because i was going in a new country, half across the world, new house, new town, new people and new school.. great, Lets just say im not good with new people... I dont really associate with people because i cant trust them.. thats just how i am.

We walked our selves out of the train into the station. It seemed like a really busy place, people were walking in a rush in many different places. I sat on the nearest bench waiting for our taxi to arrive. I actually always wanted to be in a british taxi. My mom rested next to me and sigh abd took a look around, a smile spread from one cheek to the other, i saw a gleam in in her eyes. I knew she was proud of herself and i was to.

Sooner or later the taxi arrived and a man nicely dressed in a suite came out and he open the door for us like a gentleman. He took off his hat and said

''Hello ladies hop in the taxi and ill be your service today''.

We hoped in and i giggled at his profounded accent. The back of the taxi smelled fresh and new, it smelled like strawberries. At least it didnt smell like those shitty taxi's we had back in New York. I was glad to get out that place because if I stayed anylonger it would've have died of depression.

I noticed the taxi stopped and the driver casually got out and open the door and said "we are here ladies''. People here were so polite.. I like that. I stepped out after my mom. I stepped out and saw this niced house standing right infront of me. I looked down the street there were similair house like that, which followed all the way down the street and on the other side of the street. I saw some people walking down the other side of the streets. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

''Sweetie get inside youre going to be soaked''.

I realized that it started raining an dmy mom ready was inside. i quickly ran in. The house was new, i could smell the paint. The house was big really, big well at least bigger than the small 1 bedroom apartment we lived in New York. There was ready funiture in the house, bran new ones. I walked in the kitchen and everything was new itself. I decided to explore the house. The basement was so huge it could fit 5oooo thousand people (Exaggeration).

I made my way up the great long stairs and there was atleast 5 big rooms in this house. I looked through each one of them. My mom was ready unpacking in her room. I said '' How did we afford this''.

"Well its called saving money, ya never know when you will need it". I ran up to my mom and hugged her, she smiled and kissed me on the cheek and said ''Happy Birthday sweetie". I hugged her tighther and said "Thanks''.

I wasnt the type of girl who cared about gifts..I didnt care right now because this is the best birthday present i could ever wish for. My mom said ''go and find your room". So i ran down the hallway and before i could reach the end I walked back and walked into this room. For some reason i liked it. It was really big and ismile as i looked out the window of it. It was still raining but i was in a happy mood. The room was simple, it had a nice bed, with a dresser, walk in closet, desk in the corner with Mac computer ready hooked up to it. I liked it. I plopped on my bed and closed my eyes and inhale and exhaled. I sat up and i noticed tears were coming down my face. I wiped it and just sat there shaking. I didnt know what it was but i think its because i wasnt with that monster i called dad. He was gone completely out of my life.

i just sat there reminscing.. 1hour later

''Indie come down stairs for dinner".

I just realized i havent ate for a while but i get used to that especially when me and mom would starve for 2 weeks straight in New York until my mom had some money in her hands.

I ran down the stairs and walked into the dinning room. My mom was sitting down. I sat to.. i noticed that she made chicken, rice, potatoes..etc... It smelled delicious. I just dug in the food and started eating. After i was done mom took the care of the dresses.

''Sweetie we go to sleep because tomorrow we have to enroll you to a school before school starts in the fall''.

I simply nodded and ran upstairs. I looked on the calender in my room and it was September 1st and school started here on the 5TH. I had 4 days left before school here started. I hoped in bed and less than a minute i fell asleep for tomorrow...

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