unknown truth

I was dancing in the club with my drink in hand. The guys all fought over me but I didn't notice them. My eyes were locked with his. making my way to where his was standing at the bar with his mates I made no response to anyone or anything that tried to interact with me. Ordering another drink I smiled at him. Liam! we spent the night drinking intill we couldn't think striaght. somewhere along the way we stumbled into a church, muttered some words, put a ring on the finger and went to his hotal and....uh... I think you get the picture.


2. chapter two


When I told him my name his face insantly paled. 'He must remember' I thought as he showed me inside. Despite everything I told him, Liam still smiled adoringly at his baby daughter, Star. Once I had finished speaking he looked me in the eye and siad "I love her already" hearing that brought tears to my eyes. Blinking them away I repiled "But we will ruin your caree. we are also really younge to be doing this. I only came because I tought you would want to meet Star and maybe that you would let us crash here for the night." After a moments pause he came and sat beside me. still holding Star he brought his free hand up to my face and stroked my cheek gently wiht his thumb. "You are always welcome here. Yes i know that It will ruin my caree if the public find out, which is why you will have to stay hidden. If you are seen say that you are a good friend who needed help. But please try and not be put in that situation. I wish to see Star grow up and I believe it is important for her to have a father." grazing into his eyes I saw that he was telling the truth. Knowing I shouldn't I still kissed him and was happy to feel his lips responed. A little sob from between us reminded me it was feeding time. Again. Taking Star from his arms I said quietly "you don't mind do you?" lowing my eyes Liam seemed to get the hint. "no,no. ofcourse I don't you must be hungery too, I'll make us some food." Planting A kiss on both mine and Star's cheeks he went off into the kitchen. He was happy but I also sensed a deeper worry in that

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