unknown truth

I was dancing in the club with my drink in hand. The guys all fought over me but I didn't notice them. My eyes were locked with his. making my way to where his was standing at the bar with his mates I made no response to anyone or anything that tried to interact with me. Ordering another drink I smiled at him. Liam! we spent the night drinking intill we couldn't think striaght. somewhere along the way we stumbled into a church, muttered some words, put a ring on the finger and went to his hotal and....uh... I think you get the picture.


4. chapter four

I walked across to the spare room, where I was staying. I sat on the bed and thought about the last few events. Suddenly the door open and the blonde boy, Niall walked in. "ohmigosh I'm sosososo sorry" Niall stuttered as he covered his eyes. Pulling the towel closer I grabbed my bra, undies, sweet pant and hoodie and hurriedly pulled them on as Niall faced the wall. "It's fine Now" I say blushing at the ground. He comes closer and brushes my hair away from my face. " your so beautiful when you blush" he whispered as he put his head against mine and looked me in the eye then down at my lips. Knowing what he wanted i went in for the kiss... "NIALL! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!" Liam's angry voice interrupted before we could continue. Niall and me instantly parted and looked at the ground." uhhhh.. ummmm.. nothing.. I just came in for star's clothes.." and with that Niall left the room. " were you honestly going to kiss him?" Liam questioned with sadness. " Yes I was fo a fact. You got a problem with that?" I retorted back with anger. " Yes I do!! We are married belle! What happened to faithfulness?!" "Liam you left me alone saying, Never speak of this. Nothing happend. Liam we are not Married! I can do what I want!" With that I stormed out of the room, grabed Star from Niall and left the house with The slam of the door...


I came back a couple of hours later feeling calm and composed. Shutting the door I go into the lounge expecting Niall or Liam to be there. But the house was empty and silent. putting the sleep Star in her cot I went down stairs and culled up on the couch waiting for Liam to get back...






Authors note: sorry these are very short chapters :/ xoxo

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