The Dark side


1. Being alive isn't recommended

     'God's lucky having the immortality at his foot... i wish i would become a god....'

      This was my daily prayer, though my parents were awesome... for some extent.

       Me, Rick, living in the lands of fashion, paris, i grew up to be a trendy youngster. My higher teen study rose up, in a school which torchered me. The teachers and my foes acted as if they have teamed up. To be mentioned, my greatest foes were Rodrick and Roger.

      They were too ugly man! I mean not physically but mentally. They troubled me, harassed me, torchered me and almost murdered me. And I, fought against them, for my independence, alone!

       They were so creepy that a man would feel troubled discovering words for them. Guys, these trouble makers had locked me in a not-so-spacious cupboard with a small key hole. Ok, oxygen may have it's way in, but these murderers plastered it off too! No oxygen!How could they  expect me to breathe anaerobically... 

     They had a real fun, sitting and looking at me, getting suffered and gasping for breath.  

     Ok, now I was seriously angry. Withuot losing an opportunity, I complained, complained that I was being torchered by the treacherous two. Our great teacher said,'You have to become rough and tough.'

   What did this mean? How can a human become rock? I can't understand a woman's talk.

   'May god bless me good luck.' I used to pray so every morning, before getting out of the bed because my mother used to say, if we exercise daily in the morning hours, god grants us fitness.

    So what my logic was, if by exercise you are been granted fitness then, my morning prayers, you are been granted whatever you pray.

    But, I started thinking that, whatever I pray here was been sucked by those trecherous two. Of course, Rodrick and Roger.

    My mother, Mary and my father, Hoder never responded for the pain I kept inside me. I complained the matter of Rodrick and Roger again, But they said,'Be a boy and face the obstacles. These obstacles are petty.'

   I for a second thought, my parents, being the best of scholars never knew the meaning of petty? And, they expect me to become a boy, when I am a boy?

   What do i do,by experiencing this hell-like mortal life?

   I want a way, a way which can lead me to light, far away from these ill-creatures. The only way I find is attaining immortility. And I have heard souls are immortal.....


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